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  • verb

Synonyms for replicate

Synonyms for replicate

to make a copy of

Synonyms for replicate

bend or turn backward


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reproduce or make an exact copy of

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Linked navigation enables the researcher to instantly view the electropherograms of replicates with discordant allele calls for a contoured workflow.
New database and analytics platform support including Sybase and HP Vertica - in addition to existing support for Teradata, Pivotal Greenplum, Exadata, Actian Vectorwise and other popular data warehouses, Attunity Replicate 3.
The originating server, housed on a SAN, may use the SAN to replicate to a virtualized server.
Cognima's technology will allow Orange customers to automatically replicate their Orange Address Book so that their data will always be safe.
If HSB can replicate its commercial insurance business in new markets, the growth could be impressive.
With its new capabilities, RDA has become even better at detecting and preventing faults before they can cause downtime," said Oren Teich, vice president of product management at Replicate Technologies.
The only way we can find out is when people try to replicate things.
Now researchers from the United States and Finland have announced that they tried to replicate the findings in two separate groups of Finnish men, but came up empty-beakered.
Replicate Datacenter Analyzer (RDA) Provides Predictive Fault Identification and Prescriptive Remediation Guidance, Resulting in the Prevention of Unplanned Downtime and Accelerated Fault Resolution
For example, a StorageTek FLX280 with a mix of FC drive and SATA can perform snapshots of the data on the FC drives and store them on the SATA drives and also remotely replicate the data on the FC drives to a StorageTek FLX240 that may have only SATA drives.
In these current experimental treatments, researchers use viruses genetically engineered to not replicate in normal tissue.
Spurred by the sudden failure of a Brocade switch in their Cleveland SAN, Thompson Hine executives decided to merge the disaster recovery plans that were in the process of development with a data protection strategy that would protect primary data locally at each office (either on SAN or direct attach storage) and would efficiently replicate data from their six offices to multiple off-site locations.
In gene therapy, scientists typically modify viruses so they can't replicate in the patient's body and cause infection.
The Merrill Lynch Equity Volatility Arbitrage Index seeks to replicate the returns of an S&P 500 volatility arbitrage strategy employed by many actively managed hedge funds.
The replication system is configured to replicate the application data in both directions so that, in the event of site failure, the application data is preserved so that the failover servers can continue to provide the services and applications.