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plant again or anew

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was isolated from the rhizosphere of apple plants in normal and replant sites of Shimla district (Himachal Pradesh).
14,15,18-20) In the words of the early replant pioneer, Chen Chun-Wei, "Survival without restoration of function is not success.
Then all soft tissues were removed from the replant followed by the curettage of all contents of the medullary canal and fastened to the parent bone by plates or Ilizarov apparatus.
Over the long term, breeding of rootstocks that broadly resist or tolerate soilborne pathogens and development of cultural practices that effectively remediate replant problems may remove dependence on soil fumigation.
In studying how best to use Pseudomonas bacteria to control apple replant, Mazzola and colleagues made an interesting observation.
Several organizations have already committed to replant the trees that they use each year in paper and wood products through the program.
Unlike most farmers who buy new seed each year, Schmeiser saved his own to replant.
Replant them carefully in a good big hole with plenty of organic matter and a handful of bonemeal.
It costs about $15,000 to replant an acre while approach grafting costs about $3,000 an acre.
Replacing trees is important, but when you cut down trees in the rainforest you lose the canopy and you can't replant that.
Worldwide, foresters tend to replant stands one tree at a time-by hand.
Environmentalists also claim that paper companies replant softwood trees but don't replace the hardwood trees they use, so that now there is a worldwide hardwood shortage.
Considering the costs to replant labor, additional seed, equipment, etc.
7 The speed with which the avulsed tooth is replanted into the alveolar socket results in a favorable outcome therefore every effort should be made to replant the tooth within the first 15-20 minutes, as previously mentioned drying of viable PDL cells should be avoided.