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the act of furnishing an equivalent person or thing in the place of another

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McFadden will be appointed Chief of the Maritime Staff at National Defence Headerquarters (NDHQ), in Ottawa, replacing Vice Adm.
In addition to being more convenient, another upside of immediately replacing all the items is that the manufacturer may offer a renewed warranty since the breaker has essentially been refurbished up to near-new condition.
Replacing Smyth: Ambivalent, but suggests appointment over election to save money.
The new deadline for replacing Katrina-destroyed property begins on the date the property was destroyed and ends five years after the close of the tax year in which the gain on the property is realized (usually, the year insurance proceeds are received) .
By replacing them with high-efficiency compact fluorescent bulbs, you can save 80 percent on electricity and replace bulbs only one-fifth as often.
Replacing worn hammers as needed, and the replacement of all hammers as scheduled for rotation, will generally help maintain the rotor and shredder operation at their peak efficiency.
distribution manager, replacing Gregg White, who is retiring.
Depending on fleet size, replacing a vehicle at the wrong time can cost over $1,000 dollars per vehicle in depreciation costs.
Replacing the human interface can bring many benefits immediately including improved operator awareness, intelligent alarm management, and quick access to all process-related information.
Continuing interest in replacing exterior auto body panels was fed by new thermoplastics from DuPont and Bayer intended to replace steel or thermosets.
2) Their exhaustive study of the various types of septal deformities and their proposed solutions all involved resecting but not replacing cartilage and bone.
GOMER JONES, on the real reason he was replacing Bud Wilkinson at Oklahoma: "After all the trouble Oklahoma had replacing a diety like Bud, I want to make it very easy for them to replace the guy who replaced Bud.
Now Find and Replace produces this screen, replacing all the asterisks with 4s:
This report examines the trend of replacing a traditional telephony access line with alternative communications modalities and the near-term and long-term implications to the telecommunications industry.
0 defines two methods for replacing defective sectors with a good one.