replacement cost

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current cost of replacing a fixed asset with a new one of equal effectiveness

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BP s Upstream segment reported underlying pre-tax replacement cost profit of $2.
When coinsurance provisions apply, in order for a building owner to collect full coverage on a damaged building, the property must be insured for an estimated replacement cost, within a certain percentage range of the actual cost to replace.
With the integration of the e2Value product set to RC Inspection, users will now be able to enter key property details in the field which will be sent to the e2Value service to calculate the replacement cost once the user is back online.
29, 2005 report showed a discrepancy between the actual cash value of the building with the improvements and the replacement cost of the building with the improvements finding an actual cash value of $820,475 and replacement cost of $1,189,095.
Also, knowing full well homeowners of three-deckers would not collect the full replacement cost of the home is beyond belief.
Accordingly, the Service has concluded for reasons of administrative convenience and burden reduction that the use of replacement cost as an accounting method for determining the cost of heavy equipment parts in inventory is permissible.
In addition, on a prospective basis, because taxpayers would no longer be able to match current replacement costs with current revenues, they would be taxed on the appreciation in the value of their inventory investments.
Insured disaster victims may have an economic loss if their insurance companies won't settle with them for the replacement cost of their real and personal property.
As you might expect, a replacement cost policy can be pricey, especially if you add extra coverage.
Which valuation method you choose -- replacement cost or actual cash value -- depends upon what you want from your insurance following a loss.
Would replacement cost be more or less (for example, when replacing computer equipment)?
Since there is a general agreement as to the replacement cost formula, whether a particular reproduction functional obsolescence formula is correct, is easily determined mathematically.
A product's life-cycle cost, including total operating run times, equipment repair records and accumulated repair costs, versus replacement cost over the product's estimated payback period - all this information can and should be collected for your analysis through your maintenance management programs.
The Jaskos conceded this point but claimed the insurance policy should be considered separate from the ownership of the home, and therefore the legal fees incurred to regain the house's full replacement cost should be deductible.
Focus instead on replacement cost or some measure of "value in use," like appraised values.