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exchangeability by virtue of being replaceable

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Gamble, "Introducing replaceability into web service composition," Services Computing, IEEE Transactions on, vol.
When similar outcomes may be obtained from different instructional media (Clark's replaceability test), the most economical medium (either with regard to time or cost) should be the medium of choice.
Occasional grazerpalatable sedges can be important in places, but the forage availability is generally highlighted by what I designate as an array or Guild of those grasses similar in habit and multi- replaceability in terms of forage nutrient value.
A passage in Specimens of Mississippi Folk-Lore, in which Palmer cites a colloquialism he collected from Faulkner's hometown, suggests, in fact, that Macon's coldly humorous account of spousal disposability and replaceability had a basis in broader Southern oral traditions:
Adam Smith argues that understanding the role and replaceability of the middlemen is key to shifting the balance in favour of content creators.
Rather than putting specific policies in place, Lacey recommends approaching each situation individually, based on the employee, the replaceability of his or her skillset, and the ability to match the other offer.
According to Bockerman & Laukkanen (2009), worker's replaceability can be seen from an economic angle.
Note, however, that mutual replaceability in the same construction also belongs, among other features, to the definition of antonymy: "Two lexical items are antonyms if they are formally substitutable for each other in a construction without resulting in ungrammaticality" (Panter 2012:4).
Hasco says its latest development is maintenance friendly, achieved through full replaceability of all the relevant components such as the heating unit, thermocouples, nozzle body, tips and locking nut.
He justifies his position with what he calls the replaceability argument stating:
And in so doing, it brings into high relief the degree to which substitution--a replaceability based upon counterfeit value--constitutes the familiar structure of modernity.
In maximising resources, as I stated earlier, ordering, increasing efficiency and promoting replaceability and switchability i.
The first three categories that attempt to evaluate the impact of a nonbank financial institution's stress on the economy through its materiality, ability to transmit risk to other financial players, and replaceability, in the event of its failure.
31) If identity, with the hypocrite fiction of the irreplaceability of the single, is opposed by the unconditional replaceability of the whatever singularity and all its potentialities, then the coming community is an "absolutely unrepresentable community" (CV, 24).
There is a measure of truth in the emphasis he has given to globalisation and monetary policy in the generation of unemployment as a source of managerial power, not only because it increased the replaceability and dispensability of workers, but also because it aroused psychological fear over an anticipated danger.