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express discontent

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It's better, at least simpler to repine over our own lost
Repine, "Alcohol-induced breast cancer: a proposed mechanism," Free Radical Biology and Medicine, vol.
REPINE A To feel discontent B To put back in time C To fill again or replenish who am I?
A ower lent not given to bud on earth and bloom in Heaven, but I will not repine for Jesus in His bosom wears a ower that once was mine.) -Heartbroken Aunty Ellen, love you forever xxx (R.I.P.
(13.) Patt A, Horesh IR, Berger EM, Harken AH, Repine JE.
For the young men, that were most able and fit for labour and service, did repine that they should spend their time and strength to work for other men's wives and children without any recompense.
But, Lord, the house and familie are thine, Though some of them repine. Turn out these wranglers, which defile thy seat: For where thou dwellest all is neat.
Repine, "Role of xanthine oxidase in ischemia/reperfusion injury," American Journal of Physiology, vol.
Borgman MA, Spinella PC, Perkins JG, Grathwohl KW, Repine T, Beekley AC, et al.
pusillus partage l'inhabituelle formule d'insertion de repine dorsale pterygiophore avec repine neurale de 3-12201 et 10+16=26 vertebres.
Fitch affirme qu'en "voulant donner a son oeuvre une valeur d'exemple, le romancier a cree une suite d'evenements et un concours de circonstances, constituant repine dorsale de l'action du roman, qui sont fondamentalement invraisemblables." (31) La critique a egalement insiste sur le caractere invraisemblable de la revelation finale du personnage principal qui marque la fin du recit.
Em individuos fumantes ha aumento na proporcao de LPMN no tecido pulmonar, podendo haver aumento nos niveis de enzimas proteoliticas e especies oxidantes, ocasionando efeito destrutivo na matriz celular (DOMAGALA-KULAWIK, 2008) e influenciando na progressao da doenca pulmonar (REPINE et al., 1997), alem de que o cigarro favorece o aparecimento de infeccoes microbianas, que determinam que as celulas fagociticas estejam em frequente estado de ativacao.