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Synonyms for rephrase



Synonyms for rephrase

to express the meaning of in other, especially simpler, words

Synonyms for rephrase

express the same message in different words

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At the council meeting held on 5th December 2006, Labour Councillor Chauhdry Rashid received thundering applause from all sides of the chamber for his condemnation of the idea to rephrase Christmas lights as festive lights I quote from his speech: "As a Muslim, I have no objections to the outward and visible celebration of Christmas be it in our schools, in our homes or in our communities.
relanguage: Term used by $300-an-hour consultants when $1 words, such as reword, rephrase, or rewrite, would work just as well.
We do, however, still use terms such as lazy if you'd like to rephrase the question.
It is the relative ease with which one can rephrase the nature of an obligation that gave the Karns court the ability to arrive at a different result from the Erickson Post court.
Therefore, teaching the teacher to rephrase questions in the format "Who is not on page fifty-three?
Perhaps we should rephrase that to read 'under New Labour'.
However, it might be more effective to rephrase your message.
Seasoned and perceptive advisers like Harris, a professor of African and African American art at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the new adjunct curator of African American art at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, along with the unknown author of the story he retells, would probably rephrase that to "You like what you know.
Right from the start, my work has always been out to rephrase the question, What would an effective political intervention in the field of imagery be like?
Nothing could be gained and much could be lost by an attempt to rephrase what we have said at Winnipeg.
So, I should rephrase that - I have never 'officially' directed before.
To rephrase the Sixties, to those who lost, ``Make love, not hate.
Let me rephrase that: I don't like all that fuss over the perfect pies, everything-neatly-organized, tied-up-with-bows, look-at-how-tasteful-everything-is-in-my-house way of life.
To their credit, my parents are among that dying breed of senior--uh, maybe I should rephrase that--who have the courage to call themselves, say, 75 years "old" rather than 75 years "young".