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Synonyms for repetitiveness

verboseness resulting from excessive repetitions

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The pattern creates a Lego-like quality--a repetitiveness that seems to have more in common with a child's idea of play than with intense labor.
The repetitiveness of either craft combines with happy childhood memories and the sound of the rain to relax me.
And some of the early carnage slightly reeks of repetitiveness.
This repetitiveness is getting ever so boring and shows exactly how desperate our council leader and his party have become.
On account of its precision and repetitiveness, welding robots are widely used in automotive sector where numerous components need to be weld constantly along the manufacturing line.
"I wanted the driving repetitiveness to send the listener into another world and another plane through these exotic transporting rhythms."
The repetitiveness creates a kind of hypnotic effect ensuring that the tedium of the verbal chant generates a mind-set based on concentration.
It's familiar turf for anyone who has seen him before, and despite the repetitiveness of his reprimands and diatribes he plays the frustrated middle-aged intellectual to perfection as well as belly laughs from a fiercely partisan crowd.
While the abundance of (short) chapters allows Seecharan to look closely and chronologically at selected Indo-Guyanese activists' writing and speeches, it also engenders repetitiveness and a book of unnecessarily unwieldy dimensions.
They are often polemical, and suffer partly from a lack of structure and from repetitiveness. Anecdotes and stories adorn his writings.
Walsh's affectionate command of word-spinning feels initially like a succession of routines that, in its repetitiveness, indicate the trapped situation of the men.
A couple of features that could be improved were the elements of repetitiveness when considering the lanthanides and actinides.
The study established that this so-called "recency effect" might be explained by memory interference induced by the repetitiveness of eating, so, if a person takes a lot of bites of the same food in succession, the memory for the last bites may interfere with the ability to accurately remember the initial bites of that food.
This, together with the repetitiveness at the start of each scene, makes you feel as though you are crumbling along with Emma.
This together with the repetitiveness at the start of each scene makes you feel as though you are crumbling along with Emma.