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a theatrical company that performs plays from a repertoire

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The Liverpool Repertory Company was founded by a group of the city's leading figures including Ronald Jeans, a Daily Post arts critic, playwright and actor.
Founded in 1979, the North Carolina Repertory Company is the first black professional theatre company in North Carolina, and it is also the host of the internationally acclaimed National Black Theatre Festival.
Featuring more than 20 actors, original sound effects, a full orchestral score, and a total running time of two hours on two CDs, Anne Manx On Amazonia from Radio Repertory Company Of America starring Claudia Christian, Barbara Harris, and Patricia Tallman is an superbly recorded science fiction story involving Anne Manx, a private investigator hired in aide of a clone of Amazonia's queen in an attempt to attain perfection after a previous faulty cloning attempt (cloning being the means by which the succession to the throne of Amazonia is accomplished).
Foster Ballard, appropriately is cast as Pooh-Bah in the Northampton (England) Repertory Company's production of The Mikado and is murdered after the opening performance.
Some of our collaborators included the Japanese American National Museum, the Los Angeles Conservancy, the Central Library, the Ketchum Downtown YMCA, and the Glorious Repertory Company. We also had relationships with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra (LA Phil) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), which actually shares our site with us at California Plaza.
The first act is a straightforward -and pretty dire -farce in which the on-stage actors present a show by a dreadful repertory company touring the far-flung outposts of Britain's fading theatre empire.
The Hollywood Theater of the Ear features noted guest artists as well as its own repertory company, all directed by Yuri Rasovsky.
If someone had said you are going to be in a repertory company for the next 50 years I would have signed up - I just loved the life.''
On top of that, a constellation of stars that includes Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Emmanuelle Beart, Fanny Ardant, Virginie Ledoyen and Danielle Darrieux deliberately perform as if they were in a second-rate provincial repertory company. In movies like Under the Sand (2000), Drops Falling on Hot Stones (1999) and Criminal Lovers (1998), Ozon has established a reputation for style and substance.
"Sexual minoritarians are the life's blood of the American theater," says Tony Kushner, whose timely examination of Afghanistan and its effect on us, Homebody/Kabul, continues its premiere run in New York and heads to Rhode Island's Trinity Repertory Company in March and the Berkeley, Calif., Repertory Theatre in April.
The acting from Leigh's repertory company - including new recruit Phyllis Logan - is uniformly excellent and the Golden Globe which Blethyn won this week - won't be her last award.
The play remained unknown until eight years later, when it was performed by a repertory company in a provincial town; they repeated their performance in Pest, making Kisfaludy famous overnight.
Bean in the god-awful movie Cadence, while maverick choreographer Twyla Tharp is assembling a maverick repertory company made up of maverick dancers from all 50 states.
No noteworthy novel has appeared, few good poems and only a handful of plays, the best of which, As Is, is being revived by the Circle Repertory Company, where it originated two years ago.
Write to Berkeley Repertory Company, 2025 Addison Ave., Berkeley 94704, or call (415) 845-4700.