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Synonyms for repertoire

Synonyms for repertoire

the entire range of skills or aptitudes or devices used in a particular field or occupation

a collection of works (plays, songs, operas, ballets) that an artist or company can perform and do perform for short intervals on a regular schedule

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Providing services for the placement of the repertoire of the alexandrinsky theater repertoire at the metro station of st.
Indeed, careful selection of repertoire is of particular importance for students at the intermediate level.
Ce choix et ces commentaires sont effectues par des enseignants de l'instrument, reconnus pour leur experience pedagogique et leur curiosite pour le repertoire musical.
There is another concept of intelligence as composed of learned basic repertoires, such as language, that make possible learning other repertoires.
A first important repertoire in this discourse is that of the "mirror of the arts": the repertoire mirrors the logics of the regular art forms and these frames are used to argue whether something is "good" or "bad.
For every Latin American nation, an introductory essay chronicling the cultural and political history is followed by listings of repertoire, arranged alphabetically by composer.
They want to keep their own repertoire and history.
Swidler argues that people are most likely to employ their cultural repertoire when they are at points of transition, when their lives are "unsettled.
Likewise, in behavioral selection, previously selected responses determine the variations of behavior that are available for further selection (shaping is a simple example), and, more importantly, the acquisition of certain behaviors may result in access to new contingencies that further develop a person's behavioral repertoire.
began the publication of Repertoire China, a Chinese-language edition of MDSI's Repertoire, for 10,000 medical distibutors in China.
Phil's percussion section had ``a great sense of rhythm,'' and he says that the willingness of conductors like Mehta and Michael Tilson Thomas to champion the 20th-century classical repertoire ``made a big impression on me.
Elixir Repertoire ultimately allows customers to better achieve their business objectives by providing pragmatic, adaptive, and cost effective solutions.
10x Genomics, a company focused on enabling the mastery of biology by accelerating genomic discovery, this week will launch new products for their Chromium Immune Repertoire Profiling Solution utilizing massively-parallel single cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) to sequence paired V(D)J B-cell receptors, together with unbiased gene expression for reading the immune-repertoire along with cell phenotype.
The piano repertoire included can be utilized in both the performance setting and in the piano studio.
The communications revealed a general lack of confidence and security in an ability to choose personal repertoire of any period for study and/or performance.
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