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The ambassador voiced understanding of Jordan's need of more aid to enable it to deal with the repercussions of the crisis in Syria.
A parliamentary source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The committee will host today the security and the intelligence and the military chiefs to discuss security incidents in Baghdad and throughout the country and its repercussions on security and stability.
BEIRUT: Lebanese and Palestinian officials agreed Monday to cooperate to maintain Lebanon's security and stability and insulate the Palestinian refugee camps from the repercussions of the more than 3-year-old war in Syria, the National News Agency reported.
Algeria is due to still, in the long run, spared from the harmful repercussions of the global financial crisis that sparked in the summer of 2007, said experts speaking at a conference held Wednesday on the crisis' impact on national economy.
Apparently, though, there are repercussions - behave badly enough and you could become an unwitting subplot in an episode of ``Las Vegas,'' NBC's new pseudo-procedural drama about casino surveillance.
Any system still using two digits instead of four to represent the year in software or electronic chips could fail, with potentially catastrophic repercussions in some cases (SN: 1/2/99, p.
Download Khoury: No fear of repercussions of battle of Arsal on the Lebanese interior NNA - Minister of Economy, Raed Khoury, said that "there is no fear of repercussions of the Battle of Arsal on the Lebanese interior, because everyone stands united against terrorism.
The meeting also touched on the latest developments in the Middle East and their repercussions on the Arab and international arenas.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The National Coalition, (Watania) held the outgoing Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Nuri al-Maliki, the repercussions of the situation in the country.
Summary: A March 14 delegation is set to discuss the repercussions of the Arab Spring with Chinese officials and the role the East Asian country can play in the region, the Central News Agency reported.
Chapters scrutinize the resulting repercussions on literary expression and daily culture in the annals of history.
Faithfully recommended for all who feel the repercussions of the tsunami's strike.
Discussing ideological themes in thirty-one of the most popular Disney films including "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Beauty and the Beast", and "The Lion King", The Gospel According to Disney also reaches beyond the impact of the morality plays on the big screen to such issues as the positive and negative contributions that theme parks have on American culture, why the Southern Baptist Convention chose to boycott Disney in the 1990's and the repercussions of that movement, and much more.
But no act that vile can go without its repercussions, and, despite the extent Henchard has gone to to remake his life, they are grave indeed.