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The unique technology offers exceptional, durable water repellency and is not based on fluorine.
Penetration and repellency are the key factors of chemical resistant characteristics of any clothing material.
No correlation was found to exist between the contact angle of water or dodecane and stain repellency to nine different household chemicals.
The aim of this review is to evaluate existing and developing management strategies in Australian dryland agricultural regions to mitigate (reduce the symptoms) or ameliorate (remove) repellency of repellent soils.
Variability of soil water repellency in sandy forest soils with different stand structure under Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and beech (Fagus sylvativa).
The main objective of this study was the improvement of the water and oil repellency properties of wood-based panels, like particleboards and MDFs, without impairing their mechanical properties and/or physical appearance.
8226; Repellency - Ability to create hydrophobic, superhydrophic and oleophobic surfaces to repel water, oil, and most all liquids.
An effective waterproof fabric provides much more than water repellency.
Altopel F3 is based on hydrophobe-fortified polymers and provides a high level of water repellency with laundering durability on a variety of fiber types and constructions.
Actually the condition of soil water repellency or hydrophobicity, is usually associated with a coating of soil particles by hydrophobic organic substances.
Both are DWR treated for maximum water repellency and are offered in Mossy Oak[R] Break-Up Infinity[R] and Realtree[R] Xtra[R].
Entomologist John Carroll, of BARC's Invasive Insect Biocontrol and Behavior Laboratory, and colleagues conducted several experiments to evaluate citrus compound repellency against ticks.
The key to increasing the repellency of cotton is to coat it with compounds that have low surface energy, usually fluorinated ones similar to polytetrafluoroethylene, or Teflon.