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Ag Soil Zones arc used for reporting on the following themes: soil acidity, wind erosion, water erosion, soil organic carbon, soil compaction, water repellence, and nutrient status (phosphorus).
Among their topics are forest fire in the fossil record, effects on soil microbiology, soil water repellence as a key factor in post-fire erosion, non-native and native seeding for restoration, post-fire mulching, and long-term restoration strategies and techniques.
However, caution needs to be taken in the interpretation of the results, sticky traps may not be the best technique to evaluate repellence and results may be affected by the design of houses, e.
insects overcame the repellence of the floral chemicals and that
2%) as a processing aid for other polymers to improve flow, low-temperature flexibility, and water repellence.
The type and amount of material used to impart water repellence may affect future paintability of the treated surface.
Aimed at SUV buyers with an active lifestyle, the fabric retains the softness and wear resistance of standard automotive seat fabrics, but with much higher levels of water repellence and stain resistance.
Developed to combat the increased weight and lack of control players experience when the ball is played in damp conditions, Hydroguard technology features a patented application process on premium woven cloth, which increases its repellence to water.
With the Tyvek cover, they noted moisture repellence as a particularly good feature.
The company, which specialises in rubber flooring solutions, says a few characteristics of its nora floorcoverings include environmental compatibility and extra-ordinary wear resistance, repellence of dirt and fire protection properties.
Moreover, says the company, the new product allows hydrophobic ingredients to continually migrate from the epoxy, through layers of pollution to the surface of an insulating part, reestablishing and maintaining water repellence over time to extend service life significantly.
the fibers are resin-coated for water repellence and are preferentially wetted--oil slides thorugh while water is held back.
The alternative fulfils our demands on water repellence and has good environmental and health properties.
Repellence of Hyptis suaveolens whole essential oil and major constituents against adults of the granary weevil Sitophilus granarius.
The problem of surface water repellence can be overcome by clay spreading, and much good work has been conducted over the last two decades to optimise this practice (Ma'shum et al.