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Nano-Care Deutschland AG, a mid-sized company based in Saarwellingen, is offering a coating system for water and oil repellence that intends to revolutionise textile finishing.
The essential oils of plant species belonging to the families of Asteraceae, Ranunculaceae, Myrtaceae, Brassicaceae, Apiaceae, Piperaceae, Lamiaceae, Lauraceae and Verbenaceae have shown repellence against insects of the order Coleoptera (Nerio et al.
Alpha Foam is a complete solution provider for various nonwoven applications able to make spunbond, spunmelt, spunlace and various laminates of these materials and has access to the latest process technology, enabling it to provide various coatings like hydrophilic, hydrophobic, alcohol repellence among others required for medical disposables, diapers and sanitary napkin manufacturers.
EPDM rubber has excellent weathering stability and water repellence, making the coating an outstanding candidate for roof coating, better than current acrylic latex-based roof coatings.
The ZnO-coated polyester had better UV absorbing property and water repellence due to the good homogeneity and dispersion of ZnO micropartices in the textile polymeric matrix.
The new guide, ASTM WK47853, will be used to provide a quantified material threat factor score (MTFS) for bird repellence.
Toxicity and repellence of aqueous and ethanolic extracts from Schinus molle on elm leaf beetle (Xanthogaleruca luteola).
Comparison of methods for measuring severity of water repellence of sandy soils and assessment of some factors that affect its measurement.
These results concord with results of other researchers on these plant oils such as Hori [10, 11, 12] who reported that Rosemary oil exhibits a strong repellence and deterring gustatory and olfactory sense (Antifeeding activity, setting inhibitory and toxicity) of M.
This innovative technique produces a high-performance and innovative leather, delivering abrasion resistance, water repellence and heat wear-, water- and fire-resistant.
The Ionic Mineral Sensor, a technology that causes the minerals in water or perspiration to bond, improving the water repellence of the sunscreen, and making the sunscreen film on the skin more uniform with a higher protection effect.
Made from a sophisticated five layer 52gsm SSMMS, the 3M protective Coverall 4532+ uses a specialist fabric treatment to increase the repellence to certain oils and solvents.