repeating firearm

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a firearm that can fire several rounds without reloading

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The history of the Visible Loader started in 1907 when Edward Redfield was awarded patent number 852241 for a new repeating firearm. Edward was the brother of John Redfield of Redfield scope fame.
The point is the confidence instilled by a repeating firearm, whether real or imaginary, allows the hunter to take the first shot.
I knew the basic Spencer system of repeating firearm was very sensitive to cartridge length.
In 1860, a Connecticut shirt manufacturer by the name of Oliver Winchester purchased the insolvent New Haven Arms Company and the rights to its Volcanic repeating firearms.
According to Arthur Pirkle in his detailed study of the Model 1886, titled Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms, Volume 2, total production of the Model 1886 between 1886 and 1935 was 156,599 arms, consisting of 134,299 rifles, 6,223 carbines, 374 muskets and 15,000 units lost or not recorded in the factory records.