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Students who are repeating a year level at age five would almost certainly be in Prep or Preschool, as it was called before 2007 (QSA, 2006).
Repeating the same image several times increases the file size and slows CAM processing, a problem Gerber resolves by storing the PCB data only once, along with instructions to step-and-repeat.
Given the sophistication of many of the chemistry and hematology instruments currently in use, repeating a result may be an unnecessary step that delays the reporting of critical test results without adding value to the accuracy of the test result.
There is little, or no, data from community services on the effectiveness of repeating visual fields, so this will provide a benchmark.
All right, but will history repeating itself repeat itself?
Repeating all control samples when repeat testing is performed (repeat strategies 3 and 4) provides greater power than only repeating the controls that exceeded their limits in the initial sample (repeat strategies 1 and 2), but at a slight increase in control material utilization.
London, Aug 14(ANI): Contrary to the popular perception created by publicity campaigns that BBC2 is dominated by high-profile new programmes, the channel is actually repeating shows up to nine hours a day.
Let's leave the repeating to what happens after too much Christmas dinner.
If TV bosses insist on repeating programmes, they should at least show ones that are worth watching.
If you have some kind of problem repeating the entire series, you can at least put it out on DVD.
We are repeating these sodiums because we are seeing low anion gaps (1 to 5).
Repeating patterns can also represent the desire for unending health or wealth.
.com Solutions Inc., a developer of multi-platform database migration and development tools, has released FmPro Migrator 2.24 for MacOS X and Windows with a new repeating fields extraction feature for FrontBase and SQL Server migrations.
Without the flow of smooth copy repeating the promise, the prospect is "off the hook" of reading further.