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over and over


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After long struggling they had let her go at the mercy of the waves, tossing about, sometimes with her bow, sometimes with her broadside to the surges, threatened each instant with destruction, yet repeatedly escaping, until a huge sea broke over and swamped her.
Repeatedly during our ascent of the hill my eyes, I thought, had traversed the whole reach of that sidewalk, from street to street.
They repeatedly endeavoured to single out each other, spurred by mutual animosity, and aware that the fall of either leader might be considered as decisive of victory.
Pike, who pulled at Buck's heels, and who never put an ounce more of his weight against the breast-band than he was compelled to do, was swiftly and repeatedly shaken for loafing; and ere the first day was done he was pulling more than ever before in his life.
By the time Cassiar Bar was reached, he was so weak that he was falling repeatedly in the traces.
I repeatedly sat up till I didn't know when; I selected moments when my roommate unmistakably slept, and, stealing out, took noiseless turns in the passage and even pushed as far as to where I had last met Quint.
She chased him before striking him repeatedly on the head and body with a broken bottle then punched and kicked him repeatedly on the head and body, and pulled his hair.
Kneeshaw, 51, of Townhead Street, Thornhill, admitted repeatedly shouting at his wife and children, both now grown-up; repeatedly demanding that they extensively clean the family home before his return from work at the weekend; threatening to commit suicide; repeatedly making derogatory remarks about his wife; and repeatedly acting aggressively towards his wife and children.
It is alleged that between April and November he repeatedly attended uninvited at Ms Cameron's home in Inverallan Drive, loitered in the vicinity and stared at her, repeatedly parked his car near her home, monitored her movements and repeatedly followed her and her new partner, named as John Niven.
In a prosecution at Paisley Sheriff Court, it is alleged that he assaulted one of the girls by placing his hand on her thigh, attempting to move his hand between her legs and repeatedly kissing her on the lips and forcing his tongue into her mouth.
Court papers claim that while acting together at Zimbabwean Able's address in Berryburn Place, they acted in a threatening or abusive manner and "did repeatedly shout, repeatedly utter racist remarks and utter threats".
Brian Babin, a Woodville Republican, repeatedly said on a radio program Thursday that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton "has done some nasty things.
Interim boss Benitez was repeatedly asked about Real Madrid boss Mourinho's comments on Tuesday night, when the Portuguese declared "I want to be where people love me to be", immediately heightening suggestions a return to Stamford Bridge was imminent.
London, Oct 14 (ANI): R and B queen Rihanna had got into a spot of bother at a nightclub after she repeatedly touched lap-dancers inspite of being told not to.
The man's daughters - now 53 and 45 years old - have accused him of repeatedly raping them between 1970 and May 2011.