repayment rate

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the amount of money paid out per unit time

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(7) Loan repayment rates of adult students five years after entering repayment.
Second, since losses on the ICL are written off in the mid to long term, additional payments (for example, an additional payment around 1% on top of the 9% repayment rate) can be introduced.
Additionally, several large, private nonprofit and for-profit graduate institutions have low student loan repayment rates.
Currently, DA's loan programs posted an average repayment rate of 96 percent nationwide.
The credit granted by the WB to Tunisia will be repaid over 30 years including 5 years of grace with a repayment rate of 1%.
There are some 85,000 borrowers and the repayment rate is 99.5 percent, he added.
As the calculation of excess spread depends on the prospective reference portfolio, the repayment rate represents a major risk driver.
Two cases need to be distinguished depending on whether or not the required repayment rate induces default when the intermediate scenario occurs ex post.
In addition, the average repayment rate at the end of two years was 98 percent for TRAIL loans and 91 percent for GBL loans.
For a limited time, customers in the market planning to buy a new car can enjoy many benefits included in the bank's Ramadan vehicle loan package, such as a special low repayment rate, the chance to win free petrol for the rest of the year, instant loan approvals and exclusive discounted insurance deals.
Establish Loan Repayment Rate as the primary metric of student loan success.
Bankers not involved in the deal have commented that given the lifecycle of the loan, du has negotiated a very cheap repayment rate.
Halton Cllr John Stockton defended the huge dividend, arguing that it represented a similar repayment rate to taking out a mortgage on a house.
The decline is mainly due to the faster repayment rate of inter-company loans by local subsidiaries to parent companies abroad.