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The repayable credit is now 14.5 per cent of the loss surrendered to HMRC.
The lender has also agreed to extend a USD20 million loan, which had been repayable November 2018 until November 2019.
class="MsoNormalWhat if you negotiated a much lower interest rate, say, 7 per cent (half of the previous one) but still repayable in three years?
As per PC-1, the funding from the Chinese will be at a 2.4pc mark-up repayable in 20 years.
"We will always use least expensive forms of capital first when investing in infrastructure before using other sources of repayable capital, such as bonds."
The loan is subject to an interest rate of 0.7% and is repayable over 28 years with 6 A' years of grace.
Tranche two is an export credit loan of USD 55.1m, repayable in semi-annual installments with a final balloon payment due at maturity in November 2025.
The agreement between Tunisia and IBD provides for another loan worth $15 million (28.5 million dinars) repayable over 20 year, including a 5-year grace period.
The bond repayable to total debt ratio in the 16 highly indebted public institutions will drop by 1 percentage point every year from 62 percent in 2014 to 58 percent in 2018, while bonds repayable will drop from 244 trillion won in 2014 to 237 trillion won in 2018.
CRITICISM of local councils for refusing government cash to keep down rates seems less than honest, bearing in mind the government cash is a repayable loan, not a charitable freebie.
The loans are repayable over a maximum period of five years at an interest rate of up to prime minus 4.25 %.
MARGARET WOODRUFF, secretary to the British Greyhound Racing Fund, yesterday confirmed that grants made to stadia by the Fund are repayable should a particular stadium close within a certain time frame.
The fact that such businesses will soon be able to claim a repayable tax credit to help balance the books even before their innovation goes into production, will be very welcome.
The Lorraine region, which supports the aircraft manufacturer based on its territory, has made repayable cash advances totalling just over 21 million.