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the act of returning to the country of origin

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Hartman (1985) assumed constant repatriation tax rate overtime and proposed that repatriation taxes will have no impact on the dividend repatriation decision of the mature foreign subsidiaries financing investment projects from the retained earnings.
The Government has extended an offer of repatriation to the families of all Service personnel, and their dependants, who were buried overseas after 1 January 1955.
The central bank data disclosed profit repatriation from foreign entities during January touched $141.2 million, a fall of 47 percent compared to same month of last year.
Financial reporting rules allow firms to delay recognition of a repatriation tax expense in the period in which the earnings are generated, and firms that face reporting incentives to consistently report strong earnings numbers have an incentive to delay repatriation to avoid recognizing a repatriation tax expense in their financial statements.
On Wednesday, a sunset ceremony marked the end of repatriations through Wootton Bassett when the Union flag on the high street was taken down.
The road was closed for the 10-minute ceremony as people packed the street to watch as the same standard bearers that have attended so many repatriations lowered their standards for the last time.
The author examines the historical/theoretical voluntary repatriation framework, which asserts that refugees should only repatriate to their country of origin on a voluntary basis when the socio-political and ethnic situation that initiated their problem comes to an end.
Alvarez Estevez, Azucar e inmigracion, 242-59, is the only notable treatment of the 1937-1939 repatriations.
Our goals are to (1) create a competitive advantage by retaining the best global managers by using their international expertise, technical skills, and market knowledge after repatriation; (2) develop an organizational culture that values global experience to sustain a repatriated employee's commitment to the organization; (3) achieve a high return on our investment in international assignments; and (4) accomplish the strategic objectives of a global assignment through the transfer of knowledge and international experience that is essential to global expansion.
If I am not mistaken, our repatriation today could be among the largest if not the largest to be carried out in a single day in a non-conflict situation, Ambassador Renato Villa said.
RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire will become the official landing ground for repatriations from Thursday.
A ceremony will mark the end of repatriations through Wootton Bassett on Wednesday, when the Union flag on the town's high street is taken down.
Bangladeshi experts welcomed the fresh attempts to conduct repatriations.
The UNHCR implementing statute allows the facilitation of voluntary repatriation when refugees can return in safety and with dignity.
August 9, 2009 (ADDIS ABABA) -- Asmara authorities have ordered the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to stop the decade long repatriation process of Ethiopians from Eritrea.