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Antonyms for repatriate

a person who has returned to the country of origin or whose citizenship has been restored

Related Words

send someone back to his homeland against his will, as of refugees

admit back into the country

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GBH's prediction comes after a Citi analyst said last month in a note that there was a ( 40 percent likelihood Apple could buy Netflix if it repatriates its overseas cash.
(86) Tom Mooradian, a repatriate from Detroit, explained in his memoir: "Most families in the caravan had brought electrical appliances, including refrigerators and stoves, but unfortunately there was no gas or electricity to operate them." (87)
A major part of the issue of failure in the face of remedial information lay in the lack of pro-active thinking and hence the drive to pursue and internalise repatriate learning within multinationals (Hocking et al 2007).
Repatriate Solutions has developed repeatable diagnostics, tools and processes to help customers make the right IT sourcing decisions, develop the correct plans, then execute with reduced risk and costs.
"In view of this development, authorised dealers in possession of the currency note and who wish to repatriate their stock of it may avail themselves of the services of Messrs Travelex Banknotes Limited," the circular added.
"Failure to repatriate such workers means concerned recruiters face docketed cases, orders of preventive suspension, or other administrative sanctions," he said.
Arrangements Set to Repatriate 33,000 Sudanese Refugees from Ethiopia
"We are looking forward to repatriate around 17 more, hopefully, once their papers are processed at the immigration."
"Whilst requirements for compliance are now clear, there is the opportunity for businesses to use transfer pricing to achieve significant tax efficiency benefits, which could help them to repatriate cash more effectively at a critical time."
The statement emailed to Pajhwok Afghan News said that only the Afghans in Sindh, Punjab, Islamabad and Peshawar could voluntarily repatriate to Afghanistan while the repatriation of Afghan refugees in Balochistan province will be announced later.
Its purpose was to encourage companies to repatriate those accumulated earnings in order to strengthen their domestic operations and stimulate the U.S.
Under the Act, US corporations are allowed to repatriate, or bring back to the US, foreign earnings at a tax rate of 5.25% versus the standard 35% rate.
Army Corps of Engineers--which has jurisdiction over the Columbia River--accepted this argument and announced it would repatriate the skeleton.
refusing to repatriate them through the DMZ," Rumsfeld wrote.