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Synonyms for repartee

Synonyms for repartee

a spirited, incisive reply

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adroitness and cleverness in reply

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Nokes' Johnson is the familiar character we all know - scruffy and shambolic in appearance, the master of wit, repartee and argument, the High Tory who opposed slavery (and hired a Negro servant who was the chief beneficiary in his will) and the rebellious Americans (in large part because of it), the devout High Churchman who was extraordinarily charitable, the man who did more than anyone else to establish the English language which some of us still use.
The casual humor of Walt's under-deputy, together with the sharp repartee, provides a light touch to the otherwise grim tale.
Also on our website, you'll be sure to find a rip-roaring repartee arising out of this issue's observations on the recent York University strike.
The result is that the story can be enjoyed as a simple adventure as well as for its tongue-in-cheek word repartee that is reminiscent of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear.
However, the mature men of this world know how to deal with these detractors given a choice between physical retribution or developing a degree of camaraderie repartee, thus returning any intended insult with interest.
If the visitor is lucky, he or she may be invited to a local gay dinner party--where, like gay dinner parties from New York to Calcutta to Buenos Aires to Paris, the atmosphere is electric with wit, repartee, hors d'oeuvres to die for, and a camaraderie rarely found in the straight world.
Later Bertie is asked to steal it, hide it, and return it, none of which he could do without the always steady, always brilliant mind of "his man" Jeeves, witty repartee, physical humor, funny sound effects and high-class intrigue and matchmaking fill this silly story, which is beautifully acted by actors Richard Briers and Michael Hordern and other cast members.
RICK PARRY isn't famed in football circles for his wit and repartee but he brought the house down at last Thursday's Premier League meeting.
It is a witty, sharp, complex screenplay with some clever repartee. But, maybe, it's just a bit too clever.
It is the cut and thrust of such "witty" repartee that spices up the Viewpoints columns.
He is not a man known for his clever quips or elegant repartee. The most famous conversation he has ever had consisted, on Prescott's side, of him punching someone.
Of course, it's one of those arbitrary shows that depends on the quick wit and ready repartee of the people involved Fortunately Mitchell has lots of it and helps take the edge of Vaughan's manic enthusiasm.
A delightful repartee of romance, evasion, and motives within motives, St.