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capable of being repaired or rectified



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En droit de la responsabilite civile, l'obligation de compenser doit se rattacher a un dommage reparable (159).
Some have given unserviceable assemblies condition code "H - unserviceable, condemned," when the code should have been "F - unserviceable, reparable.
No facilities are available to accept these assemblies, so RSY personnel, along with a logistics assistance representative, conduct initial diagnostics to determine whether the item is economically reparable or not.
No doubt, the devour of the earlier years which existed in relations of two countries in the name of "Amn Ki Asha" (Peace Expectation) holding bright Prospects but still the relations are reparable from both sides.
The Galaxy S4's display appears to be reparable only with a Gorilla Glass component, which reportedly costs upwards of $200.
The information, however, from Red Bull was that the damage to the floor on the left-rear of his car was not reparable.
SUBSAT is the single-point of entry for submarine material requirements, depot level reparable (DLR) retrograde processing, fuel and lube oil requirements, hazardous material (HAZMAT) support, material receipt, and service contract administration for submarines in the Pacific Northwest," explained NAVSUP FLC Puget Sound SUBSAT Officer, Lt.
On ne saurait alors blamer toute une dynamique a cause d'une bavure reparable.
They represent working and reparable items but which are dumped or disposed or discarded by the buyer rather than recycled.
BRAG consolidates depot-level reparable procurement management, consumable item management (except for exempted items), industrial supply, storage, and distribution (SS&D), and commodity supply contract management for all services within DLA.
Not so reparable might be Lusane's avoidance of gender issues that are essential to a substantive understanding of the African American narrative.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Neuron transplants have repaired brain circuitry and substantially normalized function in mice with a brain disorder, an advance indicating that key areas of the mammalian brain are more reparable than was widely believed.
Fortunately, the US Air Force uses the principles of readiness-based sparing (RBS) to set base levels for reparable spares and repair parts, to guide the procurement and repair of spares, to size air-deployable spares packages (readiness spares packages), and to schedule spares distribution and induction into depot repair.
During a lecture on the role of Civic education in security, Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, chief of Dubai Police, called for men to refrain from divorcing their wives and seek solutions to their broken, but probably reparable marriages.