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capable of being repaired or rectified



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The first of each month, the Army Container Asset Management System compiles a list of reparable containers.
All depot-level reparable procurement, as well as the vast majority of consumable hardware items not currently managed by DLA, will transition to the agency.
The implications for DLA are a diminishing role for its management of consumable repair parts, that responsibility moving to the system's "contractor-integrator" along with the Service-managed reparable components.
But the Scot got out of 'Golden Bell' dropping only one stroke thanks to a pitch to three-feet and birdied three of the last five holes for a 73 that could still be reparable.
Achieving effective customer support as the Army's focal point for the Supply Tracking and Reparable Return System-Personal Computer (STARR-PC); participating in improving the Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) and Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures (MILSTAMP).
Along with capabilities that enable operators to meet the growing traffic requirements for the backhaul of voice and data services, including EV-DO and HSDPA, in packet-based radio access networks (RAN), the AXN10-8NR features removable, field upgradeable and reparable power supplies and spans a wide range of operating temperatures.
CEI will be offering procurement of peculiar reparable spares and consumables for use in the AFSAT during operations at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida; and the Utah Test and Training Range.
Brauner in their report, "Improving the Army's Management of Reparable Spare Parts one problem in component repair is that the backhaul of unserviceable parts is the lowest priority for movement in the distribution system.
That's because the control boxes and interface units are depot-level reparable items.
Inadequately organized depot repair operations that may be creating a growing gap in essential repair capacity while simultaneously precluding the enormous potential benefits of a synchronized, closed-loop supply chain for reparable components
We established routines and procedures to ensure the timely turn-in of overaged reparable items, resulting in the brigade leading all supply support activities in meeting standards in Iraq.
This contract, known as the Team Mustang Partnership (TMP), enabled TACOM to provide support of unique reparable electronic components and provided the potential to realize improved readiness rates.
The organization is divided into two distinct functions: (1) Transportation, known as the Defense Transportation System (DTS), that USTRANSCOM manages, and (2) Supply, managed by DLA for consumable inventories and the Military Services for reparable inventories and other Service specific supplies.
His current duties still include non-standard acquisitions, contracting officers representative (COR) and ordering official and POC for all matters related to the FASTLINE contract, the Navy's representative on matters concerning the Air Force's PROS contract and World Wide Redistribution System (WWRS), the Navy's representative for installation and training of the Supply Tracking And Reparable Return system (STARR/PC) and MISIL Around the World.
Not reparable frequency are rejected without exercise.