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capable of being repaired or rectified



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right not to be circumcised is reparability. If it were possible to
With the upcoming generation of vehicles, Cranfield foresee significant interest in highly integrated, low-cost, reliable materials processing and joining techniques, a significant focus on reparability of novel materials and structures, and an increase in the requirement for robust, dependable multi-functional materials and structures.
The perceptions of the householders about reparability of the broken things in their houses and inside the city, easiness to pay bills inside the city, serviceability of the electricity problems, serviceability of the water supply problems, warranty to the fixed and/or purchased things...
On the other hand, technical sensitivity, timing, reparability and the patient's economic status must be considered while choosing ceramic laminate veneers (18).
At the other end of the spectrum are crankcases that arrive beaten down to the limits of reparability, with worn bores, fretted mating surfaces and cracks that may or may not be weld-able.
In addition to its appearance and performance, Maxguard SCP gelcoats offer excellent application properties, great reparability, and outstanding crack-resistance.
Ward, "DNA damage produced by ionizing radiation in mammalian cells: identities, mechanisms of formation, and reparability," Progress in Nucleic Acid Research and Molecular Biology, vol.
In SDA algorithm, the labeled samples are used to maximize the different classes reparability and the unlabeled ones to estimate the data's intrinsic geometric information.
iFixit has given AirPods a reparability score of zero, a score it has given to very few devices in the past.
Composite resins has become the material of choice for its mode of cost, excellent aesthetics, reparability in mouth and ease of manipulation.
In multi-criteria ABC classification other criteria such as number of hits, average unit cost, lead time, substitutability, commonality, durability, reparability and demand distribution, etc., are also recognized to be important for inventory classification (Ramanathan, 2006; Ng, 2007; Guvenir, 1998; Partovi, 2002).
Stringent regulations, lower reparability and rising raw material prices are slated to further hamper the market growth in the foreseeable future.
(29.) Libicki links the replicability of cyberspace with its reparability in Conquest in Cyberspace, 5.
Responding to trust breaches: the role of affect in trust, trust erosion, and trust reparability. Journal of Trust Research, 7(1), 85-106.
Reparability should also be taken into account to rein costs.