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Synonyms for repair





Synonyms for repair

to restore to proper condition or functioning

to look to when in need

to visit regularly

Synonyms for repair

a formal way of referring to the condition of something

Related Words

a frequently visited place

make amends for

move, travel, or proceed toward some place


set straight or right

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"This change can only be made if the support is there to give customers the confidence and knowledge to fix repairable appliances.
"There will be damage to the stone, but that's always repairable, getting the amount of wood that they might need will be quite difficult, I think.
"And there's a correlation between the types of cars being stolen and those available as repairable write-offs.
"We'll be asking if so many badly damaged cars should be offered as repairable write-offs and, where they are, salvage auctions should stipulate that buyers have the correct breaker's licences needed to dismantle vehicles.
Using Air Force recoverable item data from March 2015 for 7,571 aircraft repairable items, the algorithm suggested that the average cost of a day's worth of repairable item pipeline was about $10,628, with an average of 51 days in the pipeline.
"Failure to properly identify and package depot level repairable material could delay urgent repairs of ship and aircraft, resulting in additional damage to DLR components, and increase replacement and replenishment costs."
(1) A star Markov repairable system with spatial dependence consists of n components that are divided into two types (peripheral and center) and arranged in a star.
The system's four interconnected programs--storeroom management, inventory management, repairable parts management and supply chain procurement--can be custom tailored and employed individually or in any combination.
The Chananwan bridge where the accident took place was safe for traffic, and it was not over-aged, he said adding that it was not among the 159 bridges which, were declared repairable.
The paper reviews published literature related to multi--echelon inventory models for repairable items.
Has Blue Diamond Gel layer for pressure management, six securing straps, welded cleats, IV access, repairable and reusable. has been designed as the premier choice for buyers of accident damaged cars to find repairable salvage cars, crashed cars for sale and cash-in on stolen and recovered cars for sale.
The result is a more rugged balance with an easily repairable, modular sensor, all while preserving high performance.
I GET to see some mothers in difficulty with damaged but repairable buggies.
The breakout of repairable vehicle appraisal data by the age of the loss vehicle underscores the shift that has occurred in the last several years to a markedly older mix.