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Synonyms for repair





Synonyms for repair

to restore to proper condition or functioning

to look to when in need

to visit regularly

Synonyms for repair

a formal way of referring to the condition of something

Related Words

a frequently visited place

make amends for

move, travel, or proceed toward some place


set straight or right

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Similarly, endocrowns prepared using modeler liquid or bulk fill composite also exhibited a satisfactory restorative combination with respect to repairability of fractures.
The column with a higher postyield stiffness generally represents less damage and better repairability when the earthquake strikes [29, 30], and the variation of postyield stiffness with different parameters was also evaluated in the analysis.
In general, Apple[yen]AaAaAeAcs miniaturization techniques don[yen]AaAaAeAct have as negative impact on repairability as they once did.
* low operational manufacturability leading to low repairability of composites and high cost of operation of products in the construction of parts of which CM is used.
Furthermore, owing to its superior repairability, all the colors contribute to the vehicle's economy.
The fact that brain has some degree of plasticity and repairability during early development might explain why Group A had the fastest development, as their early implantation would have facilitated the plasticity and repair (despite lagging behind that of children with NH).
In a teardown feature from ( iFixit , the site gave the Essential Phone a dismal 1 of 10 score for repairability.
While appliances are getting cheaper and more accessible, Breyer said that buying for quality, durability and repairability sends a strong consumer signal.
repairability of leading smart phone brands , as part of a campaign to encourage
That means considering repairability and durability as well as ease and efficiency of use.
While most VPC customers enjoy the ease of cable solutions, according to Diggs, namely easier repairability, easier design change, and lower cost, some customers are drawn to printed-circuit-board solutions.
The experimental studies were required to address the uncertainties inherent in the design and examine the repairability of the retrofit structure following a major earthquake.
How Various Cavity Materials Stack Up Thermally Conductive H13 Aluminum Alloy Steel Cost + - - Thermal + + - Conductivity Wear - 0 + Durability - 0 + Repairability + - 0 Maintenance - + + P20 Stainless S-7 Steel Steel Steel Cost + - - Thermal 0 - - Conductivity Wear 0 + + Durability 0 + + Repairability + 0 0 Maintenance + + + + Good 0 Neutral - Poor
Steel materials are intensely used in automotive industry because of their properties such as high strength, formability, fine processing, weldability, coatability for protection against corrosion, and repairability [2, 3].
"Use regulation both nationally and in the EU to promote sustainable design where repairability, reuse and recyclability are prioritised, and to reduce packaging waste."