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a shop specializing in repairs and maintenance

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John Bel Edwards, insurers are prohibited from recommending specific auto repair shops unless their insureds are clearly informed that they are not required to use the recommended shop.
Whether repair restrictions are needed to reduce the risk of physical injury to consumers and independent repair shop workers, to protect manufacturers from liability for products improperly repaired by independent repair shops or individuals, or for any other reason; and
Apple' is doing something similar, even going as far as putting in software locks on some iMac computers that make them unusable if a repair shop touches them.
According to the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA), the six other vehicles at the shop were old and were parked next to the vehicle repair shop. PACDA said in a statement online: "Firefighting teams in the Civil Defence Department in Dhofar responded to a fire report in a vehicle at a repair shop in the industrial area of Awqad in the wilayat of Salalah, which resulted in the impact of 6 old vehicles parked next to it, without registering any injuries."
Moreover, the repair shop confirmed the explosion was due to faulty battery and was taken back for further repair works.
'Since there is no other electronic repair shop in Kanglung and nearby places, I think my business will face less competition and pick up in time,' he said.
Pimp My Gadget is the popular mobile phone, tablet and gadget repair shop in Brisbane.
Almost every street in Al Satwa is home to a shoe, watch or electronic repair shop that has witnessed, over the past few years, the slow crumble of their 20-year business.
"People don't realise it is a real repair shop - these youngsters do all the work themselves and they should be very proud of getting this award."
The revision to the 2006 Minnesota Statutes also states that representatives of an insurer should not limit the right of an insured or claimant to choose the shop or attempt to obtain a claimant's signature that allows the representative to select the repair shop on behalf of the insured.
Retail: Automotive parts & repair shop specializing in muffler and exhaust repair.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 19, 2005 - (JCN) - Starting in January 2006, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., will introduce a system that will allow "car life advisors," or sales staff, in Japan to make repair shop reservations for customers online, including on a mobile phone.
The lessor contracts with the repair shop for the repair services.
BMI Systems was incorporated in 1977, and the business originated in 1956 as a small, one man typewriter repair shop called Southwest Typewriter Company.
But once all the service partners in the claims process are plugged into the same platform, it becomes possible for management to get real-time reports on the average loss claim per repair shop. Forget negotiated rates or time wasted negotiating them; simply do business with the repair shops that deliver the best results.