repair shed

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a large structure at an airport where aircraft can be stored and maintained

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Enthusiasts get a close-up of a steam locomotive NP280608Tyse-1; Engineers check over one of the locos NP280608Tyse-11; A Great Western pannier tank gets all smoked up NP280608Tyse-9; Children enjoy the thrill of a ride behind a steam engine NP280608Tyse-8; Visitors get the chance to have a look around the repair sheds NP280608Tyse-7; Focusing on the perfest shot NP280608Tyse-4; Les Ross in front of his electric loco NP280608Tyse-5; A scale model of trains around the turntable NP280608Tyse-2; Bob Fielding and Paul Jarman taking a break from running "PuJng Billy" while points are changed NP280608Tyse-17; Warning sign on the wall of the rail yard NP280608Tyse-10
Occupied by the Coast Guard from 1966-1995, South Island is populated with dormitories, mess halls, warehouses and repair sheds that will all likely be razed for the island's planned revitalization.