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Synonyms for repair





Synonyms for repair

to restore to proper condition or functioning

to look to when in need

to visit regularly

Synonyms for repair

a formal way of referring to the condition of something

Related Words

a frequently visited place

make amends for

move, travel, or proceed toward some place


set straight or right

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Consistent with this notion, Ape1 and the homologous ExoIII protein exhibit a similar metal-dependent inactivation profile, whereas the structurally distinct AP endonuclease EndoIV was not affected (compare Figures 2 and 3), implying a conserved and targeted effect of Cd(II), Fe(II), and Pb(II) on the Ape1-like repair proteins.
The taxpayer's intention should be to repair, not improve, the property;
Insurers are using their ability to provide an unending stream of auto repair and homeowner losses to negotiate favorable terms with providers.
This process begins with defining the operational scenario for each operating site, the repair and support characteristics of the system (i.
2539 Realty Associates, however, explained that asbestos removal was not a repair.
Defects in this gene, and in seven others linked to different forms of XP, interfere with normal DNA repair.
The OMC COBRA Stern Drive Repair Manual (B739) will be available in January for $39.
Harris in addition is charged with 15 misdemeanor counts of automotive repair fraud, and Sanchez an additional 17 misdemeanor counts of repair fraud.
After the IRS determined deficiencies for 1988-1992, FPL argued that it was entitled to a greater deduction for repair expenses, some of which it had improperly characterized as capital expenditures on returns.
Smerdon was among the first investigators to focus on the role of chromatin structure in DNA repair, and he has made significant contributions to our understanding of how DNA repair systems deal with lesions embedded in chromatin.
On a program-by-program (or file-by-file) basis, the expenditures to repair a program will often be de-minimis.
By expanding our fleet and opening the second location, we're able to better serve our customers by ensuring that we can get to them quickly, and that we've got the necessary resources available to complete an appliance install or repair job accurately.
The "repair or improvements" section of the proposed regulations can be divided into four key segments: (i) the operative rule, requiring the capitalization of costs incurred either to materially increase the value of a unit of property, or to restore a unit of property, (ii) standards for determining whether the value of a unit of property has been materially increased, (iii) standards for determining whether the unit of property has been restored, and (iv) an elective repair allowance method.
In 1998, voters rejected Proposition JJ, a 20-year, $20 parcel tax that would have generated $700 million for sidewalk repair.