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any of a group of non-arboviruses including the rotavirus causing infant enteritis

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Bystander immune-mediated therapy may well be an important component in the treatment of cancer by reoviruses, and may have potential in treating cancer even in the absence of live virus," said Prof Alan Melcher, from Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine.
Immunosuppression induced by avian reoviruses can predispose the host to other pathogens and account for the diversity of syndromes associated with reoviruses.
citri Reovirus (DcRV) relationships with other reoviruses, a phylogenetic tree was constructed by the neighbor-joining (NJ) methodology (Fig.
Reoviruses replicate in a large number of tissue culture systems of both primate and other animal origin and easily cause infection in laboratory animals making them good viruses for laboratory studies.
Reoviruses are ubiquitous in nature, infecting plants, animals and insects.
The amino-acid sequences of the conserved sigma A and sigma NS proteins show less than 60% sequence similarity, whereas those of the outer capsid proteins sigma B and sigma C have, at most, 47% sequence similarity to their counterparts in other bird or bat reoviruses.
Serological surveys on broiler breeder flocks for antibodies against chicken infectious anaemia virus and avian reoviruses.
The claims describe using recombinant reoviruses for the treatment of Ral-mediated neoplasms and non-cancer cellular proliferative diseases such as neurofibromatosis.
For viral detection, the Carducci and co-authors recommended the reoviruses because of their frequent presence.
The research to date on SARS indicates that it may be caused by two types of viruses that Burke predicted would be of great concern: coronaviruses and reoviruses.
The newly identified virus is related but distinct from previously known reoviruses, which are double-stranded RNA viruses that infect a wide range of vertebrates.
The reemergence of highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) virus in 2004, the isolation of novel bat-associated reoviruses from humans in Malaysia in 2006, and the discovery of a novel tick-borne bunyavirus associated with fever and thrombocytopenia in rural farmers in China in 2009 attest to the existence of a pool of potential zoonotic pathogens in East and Southeast Asia (Table) (8,9,12).
Avian reoviruses that have been shown to be genetically distinct from chicken origin reoviruses were isolated from commercial turkey flocks in the Southeastern US and Texas that were experiencing enteritis.
This patent covers the use of various strains and combinations of reoviruses, wherein one or more of the reoviruses may be immunoprotected, as a treatment for Ras-mediated proliferative disorders, such as neurofibromatosis and cancer in an immunocompetent mammal.
Species infected with paramyxoviruses, poxviruses, and reoviruses were more likely to have visible disease (p = 0.