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any of a group of non-arboviruses including the rotavirus causing infant enteritis

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Ultimately, Joklik says, this should allow vaccine manufacturers to create reoviruses that can spur production of antireovirus antibodies in humans or animals without causing disease.
Similarly, new mammalian reoviruses, such as BYD1, JP, and BYL, were isolated from throat swab specimens of patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome (10).
ARVs are not generally associated with encephalitic disease, in contrast to reoviruses that infect mice, baboons, and snakes (8,9).
Calgary, Canada; 403-670-7377) has been granted United States Patent 6,344,195, entitled "Reovirus for the Treatment of Neoplasia," which covers the use of human, mammalian, and avian (bird) reoviruses as a treatment for ras-mediated neoplasms (cancers).
Coffey in published scientific journals, including Science and The EMBO Journal, reoviruses are able to replicate only in cancer cells with an activated Ras pathway, without harming healthy cells.
Claims in this patent cover producing reassorted reoviruses for the treatment of Ras-mediated tumours.
Effect of avian reoviruses on lymphoid organ weights and antibody response in chickens.
Reoviruses have wide host ranges and are classified into 11 genera: Orthorevirus, Obrivirus, Rotavirus, Coltivirus, Seadornavirus, Aquareovirus, Cypovirus, Idnoreovirus, Fijivirus, Phytoreovirus, and Oryzavirus in the family Reoviridae by the International Committee for the Taxonomy of Viruses (2000).
In vitro data show that mesothelioma cells are sensitive to and support replication of reoviruses.
The claims cover pharmaceutical compositions which comprise various recombinant reoviruses.
Sequence analysis showed that the 6 segments (L1-L3, M2, M3, and S3) of MRV1-HBA were closely related to those of the human MRV2tou05 strain and that the S1 and S2 segments were similar to those of other serotype 1 reoviruses that infect humans.
Reoviruses are successfully being used in clinical trials to treat patients with cancer.