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any of a group of non-arboviruses including the rotavirus causing infant enteritis

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Oncolytics' clinical program includes a variety of Phase I and Phase I/II human trials using REOLYSIN, its proprietary formulation of the human reovirus, alone and in combination with radiation.
The discovery that lead to this line of research was that the reovirus (respiratory enteric orphan, double-stranded RNA virus lacking a lipoprotein envelope) will grow in cells that have an activated "RAS pathway" (where cell growth is signaled to the nucleus).
Mice bearing human melanoma tumours each received a single injection of reovirus at various dose levels, administered intravenously.
The investigators concluded that the data supports the development of reovirus as a novel therapy for colorectal cancer, with the potential to direct the immune system to target cancer cells.
The results of this study demonstrated that the reovirus may have a role to play in purging contaminating cancer cells from stem cell preparations used for transplants," said Dr.
Oncolytics is a Calgary-based biotechnology company whose focus is the development of the reovirus as a potential cancer therapeutic.
The research focused on work conducted by the NCI with reovirus in combination with a number of common chemotherapeutic agents.
The claims in Oncolytics' third Canadian patent provide additional coverage for the use of the reovirus in treating cancers," said Dr.
The claims cover methods of purifying reassorted reovirus from an FDA-approved cell line.
These results are exciting as they suggest that in addition to direct cancer cell killing, the reovirus may assist the immune system in fighting cancer cells," said Dr.
The claims describe methods of treating various types of cellular proliferative disorders including neurofibromatosis and neoplasms (cancers) by the administration of various strains of the reovirus.
Pfizer") for the development and marketing of ONC's reovirus for animal use.
Kevin Harrington and colleagues are scheduled to present a poster presentation entitled "Phase I Trial of Oncolytic Reovirus (Reolysin) in Combination with Carboplatin/Paclitaxel in Patients with Advanced Solid Cancers" at the International Society for Biological Therapy of Cancer (iSBTc) annual meeting, being held in San Diego, California from October 31-November 2, 2008.
The claims describe methods of identifying the susceptibility of cells to reovirus infection.
for the development and marketing of Oncolytics' reovirus for animal use.