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Synonyms for reorient

orient once again, after a disorientation


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cause to turn

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set or arrange in a new or different determinate position

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As reorienting and getting back up is a critical requirement for bomb disposal robots, the software developed by Kessens and team was first integrated with the Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System (AEODRS), a lightweight, back-packable member of the explosive ordnance disposal robotic system.
Our membership of the Commonwealth is a key advantage in reorienting ourselves towards highgrowth emerging markets.
He was the Chief Economist and Senior Vice president of the World Bank Group (2003-2007), at the time when his contribution was instrumental in reorienting its development thinking toward inclusion and pro-poor growth.
The current situation, they say, is a result of the fact that foreign direct investors are giving up trading on the Macedonian Stock Exchange and are reorienting themselves to regional markets.
'Some 1,400 staff - but not the executive board - received a one-off payment based on the contribution of the employee to restructuring, stabilising and reorienting the corporation,' HRE said.
Cohen challenges readers to examine decisions they've made, and can make, about the kind of work they do, their motivations for doing it, and the possible rewards that can be achieved by reorienting towards a different approach to work.
While complying with Sarbanes-Oxley kept internal auditors busy earlier in this decade, internal audit departments are now reorienting themselves to a broader range of responsibilities.
The challenges are not just in reorienting the African American community and the white community--we still have to reorient the decision makers in cable at the local level who decide what channels get carried by the operator.
With this report entitled Primary Health Care--Now More Than Ever, WHO starts a global conversation on the effectiveness of primary health care as a way of reorienting national health systems.
The centerpiece of the renovation is a new two-story, glass-enclosed entrance reorienting the front of the building to the north side and featuring a lobby with high-end finishes.
By then reorienting those electromagnetic rays so that they exit the disk on their original paths, as if undisturbed, the shield renders itself and whatever is in its protected zone almost invisible to a microwave detector downstream.
While the Melt Flipper balances filling of multiple small cavities by reorienting the high-shear and low-shear melt "laminates" (zones of laminar flow) within the runner, iMARC applies the same concept to managing melt distribution within a cavity.
El ultimo libro de Tony Lawson, Reorienting Economics, ha tenido una gran repercusion entre los investigadores en metodologia de la economia y economia heterodoxa, y es entendible por que.
We pointed out hove enormously challenging the strategic reorientation process is for leaders to execute and that most LDCs are, in fact, reorienting from a Defender strategic stance to an Analyzer strategic stance.
Meeting for the Competitiveness Council on May 17, EU Industry Ministers generally approved of the European Commission's long-running goal of reducing the level of overall state aid, and said that efforts should continue to simplify and modernise the framework in order to contribute towards the objective of reorienting aid towards horizontal objectives, in particular innovation as well as research and development.