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a fresh orientation

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the act of changing the direction in which something is oriented

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Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) largely completed the Group's strategic reorientation in financial year 2014/2015 (April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015).
Again, a small, daily practice that serves to reorient his heart and shape his life, showing us that being counter-cultural consists in surprisingly small acts of reorientation.
is because of this vote in France that I feel even more concerned, mobilized and involved in the reorientation of Europe," he said.
Armada is unfairly overlooked by investors, despite good financials, broad client base, and excellent prospects from reorientation to software development (supported by government).
It also highlights the reorientation of regional trade towards emerging markets.
Plus le vote sera fort, plus la voix de la France sera forte, plus nous pourrons continuer a travailler a la reorientation de l'Europe", a-t-il plaide.
With the addition of a 180[degrees] axis 6 reorientation to the movement, the speed improvement grows to 25 percent, 0.
The article concludes that the development of collaborative, intersectoral approaches, the reorientation of public and private resources, and international leadership from academics, legislators, policy makers, practitioners and communities are necessary for this paradigm shift.
At the local level, the Reorientation Program consisted mainly of encouraging the Germans to hold Burgerversammlungen (town meetings), an innovation that was revolutionary for Germany.
The article, "A Systematic Review of the Research Base on Sexual Reorientation Therapies" (Serovich et al.
Patients were quicker to breathe independently after anesthesia, and their reorientation time was faster, based on their answers to biographical questions such as name, date, and so forth," she said.
Stage 5: Reorientation (two to 15 years after retirement) - After a difficult year of adjustment, most people enter the Reorientation stage feeling more "happy" (80%) and "on track" for retirement (69%) than they did in previous stages.
Herbert Diess announced major product decisions: a reorientation of the diesel strategy with the most advanced technologies, the development of a standardized electric architecture for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, and a new approach for the next generation of the Phaeton.
As a result of provisions and expenditure incurred within the scope of the reorientation, the operating result (EBIT), at -EUR 5.
Hanover, Germany) present 14 chapters exploring and debating this fundamental reorientation of European competition law.