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Synonyms for reorient

orient once again, after a disorientation


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cause to turn

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set or arrange in a new or different determinate position

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'Reorient' for example lays down plan for establishing rule of law, 'Reimagine' addresses creation of a shared vision, 'Redistribute' provides a guidance for ensuring social justice whereas 'Reconcile' (along with other prongs) provides a roadmap for ensuring political stability.
Entrepreneurs busy in this sphere need to reorient business for production, Deputy Economic Regulation Minister Oleg Pankratov said."We have come to the time when the era of re-export finishes for Kyrgyzstan.
Treating community as a crucial unit of analysis and action, these essays reorient our understanding of gangs and the measures undertaken to defeat them.
Austrian Airlines said that it now plans to implement a comprehensive restructuring programme called "Austrian Next Generation" in order to reorient its business operations.
It is not clear how much longer will Gruevski be able to reorient the dissatisfaction of the Macedonian citizens with Greece and EU.
Since Hurricane Katrina, which he has said shook him deeply, Jenkins has tried to reorient the Episcopal diocese of Louisiana more explicitly toward achieving racial justice.
The challenges are not just in reorienting the African American community and the white community--we still have to reorient the decision makers in cable at the local level who decide what channels get carried by the operator.
And while farmer's markets and community-supported agriculture are both on the rise, Katz notes that transitioning to local, seasonal eating will mean we have to "reorient our tastes and our habits" But, he assures, "We can learn to love what grows abundantly and easily around us."
SAN FRANCISCO: ReOrient, An Annual Festival of Short Plays
Additional sessions will reorient participants to the current technology used in corporate information gathering, analysis and decision-making, officials said.
She shared with Zenit why a reconsideration and reinterpretation of Gaudium et spes, a dominant theme in the theological work of Joseph Ratzinger, is necessary to reorient the Church's encounter with liberal modernity.
* Continuing to reorient the Department's capabilities and forces to be more agile in this time of war, to prepare for wider asymmetric challenges and to hedge against uncertainty over the next 20 years.
One had to perpetually reorient one's body in order to ascertain which projection linked up (momentarily) with the spoken words on the sound track; screens went suddenly blank; narratives were interrupted and new ones begun midstream.
When we set out to reorient our campus and plan 20 years into the future, we dreamed, but we also knew there were realities that needed to be addressed.
The opportunities for waste in the system are, however, quite similar to a manufacturing operation, and include: excessive transactions (hand-offs); waiting (for data, decisions, inputs from other processes); rework (especially reinvention--the solving of the same problem multiple times because existing solutions are not utilized); set-up inefficiency (each time an engineer has to reorient himself or herself to a task because of "stop and go" processes); and lack of system discipline, including missed timelines (what Morgan refers to as "arrival variation.")