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Synonyms for reorganize

Synonyms for reorganize

organize anew

organize anew, as after a setback

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"The right to reorganize belongs to the town manager and Town Council, which were the very people who negotiated the contract."
Columbus State Community College (OH), with an enrollment that has grown 42 percent over the past seven years (now at 37,000 credit and 5,000 noncredit students), has made several moves to reorganize workforce development.
When companies reorganize space, they can also create new opportunities within their organization.
As part of the attempt to reorganize the business, Acklin got a loan from Kennedy Funding.
MacDonald created a 200-person team to analyze and reorganize VF's supply chain structure.
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has instructed Ishihara to expedite efforts to reorganize government-linked corporations.
When Scott Krenz became treasurer at Electronic Data Services, he saw a burning need to reorganize the function to improve coordination and streamline relationships.
All of this presupposes that you would want to analyze your resident mix and needs and reorganize your staff, in addition to investing in the equipment.
"It probably took me a year to reorganize and get the company into a shape that I thought was right."
Information architects use principles of instructional design, educational psychology, and graphic design to reorganize information for more effective communication.
The German team discovered that adding random firings--or noise--to the neural network indeed forced the network to reorganize, much as the brain does.
Also behind the move was a need to reorganize the entire Viledon Industrial Div., which had contained the Air Filter Group and the Technical Products Group.
Late in 1990 Congress mandated that the agency reorganize itself into a four-legged stool.
Not wanting to be limited by parliament, in 1978 Marcos granted himself continuing authority to reorganize the government, which he decreed he could do in 1981 (setting up a permanent committeeto do it) and 1985.
The meeting decided to reorganize PSF according to its constitution and the coming leader ship will taken from amongst regular students.