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Synonyms for reorganization

the imposition of a new organization

an extensive alteration of the structure of a corporation or government

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The Court-Supervised Reorganization Plan establishes the terms and conditions for the restructuring of the bankruptcy liabilities of the Eternit Group and is available in full on the Company's Investor Relations website and in the records of the CourtSupervised Reorganization Case (no.
Northeast Bancorp (NASDAQ: NBN), a Maine-based full-service financial services company and parent of Northeast Bank, has said that the bank has received all required regulatory approvals for its previously announced corporate reorganization under which the company will merge with and into the bank, with the bank continuing as the surviving entity.
The main use and advantage of a tax-free reorganization is to acquire or dispose of the assets of a business without generating the income tax consequences that would result in a straight sale or purchase of those assets.
You engage in a Great Reorganization. Such reorganization has happened only five times since the modern presidency began in 1935.
Second is the rehabilitative method that leads to reorganization. The debtor's business continues with necessary changes supporting the "going concern" principle.
Tax attribute survival is often a critical consideration in assessing a proposed corporate reorganization. Beneficial tax attributes, such as net operating losses, earnings and profits, and capital losses, are often involved, and the speed at which reorganizations tend to move makes a good foundational understanding of the relevant rules crucial for practitioners assisting taxpayers with reorganizations.
The insolvency procedure can have two stages: judicial reorganization or bankruptcy.
In June 2007 the Governor of Maine signed legislation that required the state's 290 school administrative units (SAUs) to seek partners for a reorganization that would reduce the number of SAUs to approximately 80 Regional School Units (RSUs) (Maine State Legislature, 2007).
Delta Air Lines' Official Creditors' Committee declined to give a swift thumbs-up to the airline's proposed Plan of Reorganization and accompanying Disclosure Statement released Tuesday.
By way of contrast, selling stockholders can dispose of their stock in a tax-free reorganization by exchanging their shares for those of the acquiring corporation (i.e., instead of accepting cash and notes).
ABB announced that the reorganization plan for its U.S.
Sections 221(2), 167, 167.1, and 156 in the GST provisions of the Excise Tax Act afford taxpayers relief from the obligation to collect and remit GST in connection with certain reorganization transactions, but require taxpayers to satisfy a range of highly technical requirements.
In IRC section 368(a)(1)(A), the term "reorganization" includes a "statutory merger or consolidation." No restrictions are placed on the type of consideration used, even permitting money to be exchanged, as long as the continuity-of-interest requirement is satisfied.