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However, the recursively reordering procedure in the first step is time consuming and may bring too much overhead if b, the number of blocks, is too large.
This method is based on Langville and Meyer's work in [13] and utilizes a stopping criterion that once the criterion is reached, the reordering procedure will be terminated.
(1) Reorder the hyperlink matrix so that in the top left submatrix all the zero rows are at the bottom in every reordering procedure, until there is no [0.sup.T] rows in the new top let submatrix.
From the merit-and-overhead analysis previous, we can get the idea that once the overhead of the first step exceeds the computational reduction brought by the smaller linear system in the second step, the recursively reordering procedure should be terminated.
Once 130([r.sup.2.sub.1] - [r.sup.2.sub.2]) [less than or equal to] [r.sup.2.sub.1] + [r.sub.2] ([r.sub.1] - [r.sub.2]), the reordering procedure in the first step of Algorithm 2 stops.