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a repeated order for the same merchandise

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make a new request to be supplied with

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The bigger opportunity when it comes to reordering is asking yourself this question: "Before I reorder this widget, is this the right widget to stock?
Amazon Prime members can ask Alexa to reorder from Amazon Restaurants simply by saying a restaurant name or a cuisine type.
Homeowners can set up Dash Replenishment through the GE Kitchen app using their Amazon account and select the detergent pods they want to automatically reorder.
Increasingly, customers want to interact via the web to improve productivity--either to check their order history, track a shipment or reorder common products.
Here, in the LINQ statement we are comparing the current quantity of a product to its reorder level to determine whether it needs to be reordered.
The License Reorder option is available in the "View My Licenses" area of a user's Songfile account.
Furniture stores, especially those with design staff who do the purchasing, have a tendency to not reorder the same lamps.
Or printer ink, or keyboards, or pens - or reorder forms.
Through a series of strong, simple interventions that help to reorder the public realm, this new bus station for Walsall dignifies the experience of bus travel.
The East Bridgewater, MA-based chain of 87 stores pioneered CAO in 1978, although it is still called SRO -- supervised reorder.
If that requires "abrir y cerrar cajones, baules, grandes cajas, maletas" and struggling, time and time again, to rearrange and reorder moving boxes and materials, then so be it.
Tool control can be accomplished by automated reorder point or MRP systems for control of both noncritical and crictical tooling.
Developed using Sharp's Open Systems Architecture (OSA) by Jacksonville-based Bennett's Business Systems, the system enables college employees to place service calls and reorder supplies right through the Sharp copier's touch screen, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 14, 2011-DC Brands International Inc secures third consecutive reorder for HARD Nutrition Functional Water Systems(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Command queuing allows multiple requests to be issued concurrently to one or more devices on a bus and permits those devices to reorder those requests prior to their execution to reduce latency and enhance throughput.