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a repeated occurrence

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A hospital spokesman said: ``The theatres have been thoroughly cleaned and then micro-biologically tested over a 48-hour period before they have been put back into service to ensure there is no reoccurrence of the problem.
The 12th World Congress of Psychiatry issued a ''Yokohama Declaration'' calling for treatment balanced between mental and physiological therapy so patients can reintegrate instead of simply dealing with and preventing a reoccurrence of the illnesses.
The teenage singer was flown to see a Harley Street specialist after a reoccurrence of a kidney complaint.
'Finally, the reoccurrence of such form of hostilities and intimidation by smugglers and their accomplice on our officers and men will never distract us from vigorously discharging our statutory functions.'
There will also be changes in the security apparatus line-up, Al-Abadi told the local media, pointing out a number of plans to protect Iraqi constitutional institutions and prevent reoccurrence of such incidents.
Commenting on yesterday's clashes between protestors and the Security Forces, Mikati said "popular movement members ought to assess what happened to prevent its reoccurrence," condemning any attack against public or private property.
Later, both the countries issued a joint statement where they agreed that the Joint Working Group on fishing would be convened at an early to prevent reoccurrence of such incident.
The Blues striker has suffered a reoccurrence of the metatarsal injury which kept him out of action for more than two months last season.
Paul Spacey is definitely out of the game after breaking down in training with a reoccurrence of his knee injury and brother Peter is suspended.
The nine-year-old has not been seen out since January, when he suffered a reoccurrence of an old leg injury.
"I don't know how I did it, it was in the same tackle where I got hit in the mouth and its the reoccurrence of an old injury and I should be ok," he said.
``The theatres have to be thoroughly cleaned once the problem is solved and then micro-biologically tested over a 48-hour period before they can be used to ensure there is no reoccurrence of the problem.
We have already taken measures to prevent any reoccurrence and are operating in accordance with the law.''
The people, who carried placards with messages condemning the robbery incident, called on police authority to ensure that all suspects and accomplices in the incident were prosecuted to prevent a reoccurrence.
Al Mutawtah affirmed that new steps have been taken to prevent the reoccurrence of such cases.