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  • verb

Synonyms for reoccur

to happen again or repeatedly

to come back to a former condition

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Peter Sichrovsky, an Austrian journalist, found that almost every child believed the same horrific events could reoccur.
These breaches of our internal policies are unacceptable and the company has taken decisive action to ensure they do not reoccur.
The company issued a statement saying it was taking the matter seriously and has been implementing programs to ensure the questionable marketing practices outlined by the insurance department do not reoccur.
Muhlebach notes that many of the conditions that prompted overbuilding in the 1980's, including liberal tax laws and overeager lenders and foreign investors, no longer exist and are unlikely to reoccur.
If Simpson is taken out of the environment in which the rapes occurred, ``it is less likely that his behavior will reoccur,'' Lande testified.