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Synonyms for reoccupy

to occupy or take again

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"We would know of the check to make sure there were no ammunition or mines in the area and once it was cleared, UN troops would reoccupy the land and it would create a positive presence there.
As it is not known whether Wei Ming-jen has been instructed by Beijing to try to reoccupy the temple, police are have stepped up their presence on the scene.
The CDA staff also started plantation at the site immediately so that the encroachers could not find it easy to reoccupy the site.
This reportedly forced the families to make another attempt to reoccupy the lot.
He also went on to assert that the IDF would have to reoccupy the Gaza Strip if Israel wanted to halt all rocket fire from the Hamas-run territory.
Philip Aguer, the spokesperson of South Sudan army (SPLA), in a televised statement on state-owned South Sudan TV on Friday, said the neighbouring country has mobilised its forces and allied militias of Rezeigat and Mujahideen in a bid to reoccupy Abyei and invade South Sudan for the last one week.
"We were shocked with the most recent decision by the Minister of the occupation army, Ehud Barak, on October 11th, to allow the settlers to reoccupy the building," said the statement.
| GAZA, Sept 7 (KUNA) -- Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Friday that Israel may reoccupy parts of the Gaza strip in the future.
The site is now fortified against any bid by the local municipality and the police to reoccupy it.
Meanwhile, an Al Qaida-affiliated group launched an attack yesterday on Radda, a small town about 170 kilometres southeast of Sana'a, in an attempt to reoccupy it hours after a suspected American drone killed at least 11 militants in the southern province of Abyan.
'The problem is that whenever protesters post something on Twitter or Facebook that they are going to reoccupy the place, more security personnel are brought in and businesses are told to close.'
BUNGLING unibosses yesterday begged students to reoccupy a campus building hours after sparking a major police operation to evict them.
Katz's statement came in response to recent calls in Israel to exploit the current situation in Egypt and undertake a pre-emptive military strike in Gaza or at least to reoccupy the Philadelphi crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.
Local authorities can earn a reward equal to the amount of council tax raised from each property they reoccupy, said Communities Minister Andrew Stunell.
Initial reports said the Thai troops plan to reoccupy the area, but the Cambodian side is trying to convince the Thai troops to return to their previous position about 800 meters away.