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to occupy or take again

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The letter written by the director to the authorities explains how the encroachers reoccupied the state land within hours of the CDA's anti-encroachment operation on night of January 24.
Of 17 empty houses in the Three Estates in Kings Norton, 11 have been reoccupied after a campaign by residents and councillors.
Summary: Egyptian protesters have reoccupied Tahrir Square in Cairo, following deadly clashes with police in the capital and other cities.
9 November 2011 - Danish shipping company Torm A/S (CPH:TORM) will lay off 26 employees and 19 vacancies will not be reoccupied, local daily Dagbladet Borsen reported today, quoting CEO Jacob Meldgaard.
NNA - 10/07/2011 Egyptians reoccupied Tahreer (Liberation) Square as a sign of protest at military attempts at blocking the January Revolution.
On the morning of June 18 the soldier deployed from his base in Khar Nikar on a partnered patrol with the Afghan National Army to meet with people who had recently reoccupied the Haji Tor Aga Kalay area in the Nahr-e Saraj District of Helmand Province.
He added that about 1,318 households (5,613 individuals) have been reoccupied / established in Payinjiar county during and after the south Sudan referendum.
On Saturday after troops and police stepped back, thousands of anti-government protesters reoccupied Pearl Square in the capital Manama which has been the focal point of demonstrations.
Local residents were concerned at the rapid decline of a new development in their community without any prospect of the properties being reoccupied.
The site was reoccupied in the early Roman period, when boundary ditches were laid, perhaps separating peripheral activity from the fields to the north.
However, Israel reoccupied the three areas in the aftermath of its large-scale military operation in 2002.
Then, like the rest of northern Europe, Britain was reoccupied by Stone Age homo sapiens who arrived in Britain in small numbers, by sea, from areas of Europe that had remained south of the ice blanket.
Around 40 per cent of the group's 807 stores have never been reoccupied, although this is down from 60 per cent last July, say The Local Data Company.
Israel continues to occupy the disputed Shabaa Farms and Kfar Shuba Hills in 1967, as well as the southern village of al-Ghajar, which it reoccupied in the July-August 2006 war.
In 2002 the Israeli military reoccupied all West Bank cities as part of what it called the Defensive Shield Operation.