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Synonyms for reoccupy

to occupy or take again

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8) is made up of sixteen reinforced concrete pillars anchored to rock, with an embedded forced centring system to assure that the antennas are placed exactly at the same position in different reoccupations.
The reoccupation campaign will be carried out two years after the first campaign and it will allow confirming that the geological estimates of displacement rates are small.
Short of reoccupations that can be verified by examining GPS electronic files, there are not many convenient methods to verify that a surveyor has taken some of these precautions.
In addition, all of the field procedures in terms of centering errors and heights and reoccupations were used to ensure that no mistakes were made.
Adams holds that in glossing over the losses and desires associated with reoccupation, Conrad explores and criticizes the multiple forms in which the totalizing impulse manifests itself in the modern age through geographical, epistemological, moral, aesthetic, and political constructs.
The reoccupation campaign which will be carried out two years after the first campaign will allow confirming that the rates are small.