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to occupy or take again

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The ground floor was made ready for reoccupation by the staff and students at Easter and the two upper floors should be ready by September.
One is reoccupation of the Philadelphi strip on the Gazan side of the Gaza-Sinai border.
In view of the cost involved and particularly considering the absence of an actor, new or old, to whom it can transfer responsibility, it is avoiding full reoccupation of the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli newspapers reported that Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni did not rule out an Israeli reoccupation of the Strip, home to 1.
When the mayhem was over, other police officers stripped the apartments, putting furniture in moving vans and then dismantling walls, windows and doors to try to prevent a reoccupation.
Military sources, though, said Olmert was unlikely to approve what would amount to the reoccupation of parts of Gaza.
Trying to assess the changes which have occurred within one year, the 2004 Executive Summary lists three development challenges "represented by the deficits in knowledge, freedom and women's empowerment" and two setbacks: the major events of the reoccupation by Israel of Palestinian territories and the invasion of Iraq by an international coalition.
that reoccupation was almost an instantaneous event across northern and central Europe, says Oxford Brookes University
A show flat is to open in June and they will be ready for reoccupation by November.
In Israel, calls grew for a full reoccupation of the West Bank and Gaza.
The US-backed UN Security Council resolution demanding an end to the Israeli reoccupation of Ramallah met a similar fate.
After paying homage to an Italian photographer killed by Israeli bullets in Ramallah, Mr Prodi fully agreed with the words of the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, and condemned Israel's reoccupation of Palestinian territories, Israel's disproportionate use of weapons again Palestinian civilians, the destruction of houses, buildings and Palestinian civilian infrastructure, and the humiliating action taken against the Palestinians.
Sharon, 73, defended Israel's reoccupation of Palestinian territory, a move that has caused a rift between him and Washington.
Mais son ministre des Affaires etrangeres, Avigdor Lieberman, dirigeant d'IsraE1/2l Beitenou et partisan declare d'une reoccupation de la bande, appelait a agir rapidement.