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Synonyms for renunciation

Synonyms for renunciation

Synonyms for renunciation

rejecting or disowning or disclaiming as invalid

the state of having rejected your religious beliefs or your political party or a cause (often in favor of opposing beliefs or causes)

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an act (spoken or written) declaring that something is surrendered or disowned

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Here, Laidlaw quite clearly identifies a renunciatory force behind ahimsa and Jainism; this emphasis is further underscored by the phrase "ethic of quarantine.
Thus, just as we saw above that Thullananda illustrates the limitations of the external trappings of a renunciatory life, here we see that she also makes a case for the values of life within the world.
The founding fathers of contemporary intelligibility take for granted that thought, rationality, and ethics have been completely left out of the world-scene in various ways, and that their place has been taken by ideology, by false conscience, by rhetoric, by the desire for power, by spectacle, by new ignorance; but instead of closing themselves in a contemplative and renunciatory way of being, they present a challenge of unexampled proportions, proposing something ambiguous, silent, obscure, and subterranean as the true motor of reality.
voluntary, but specifically intended as renunciatory.
3, surrounded by enemies, Lear's vision of them as birds singing in a cage and outliving "pacts and sects of great ones" is at once absurd (as we know they must die), self-centered (in his desire to possess her), pathetic (as he stares in love now at a face he swore he would never see again), and renunciatory (as a final distancing of himself from power).
Sterling's rhetoric is not the renunciatory language of back-to-the-land communal farmers or febrile eco-terrorists.
A curious, almost apologetic and defensive quality attached to the Court's renunciatory pronouncements whenever challenges befell the implementation of regulatory schemes.
In Bakhtin's view (one shared by many thinker-philosophers of his generation, including Nicolas Berdyaev (27)), a strong, resourceful, confident self, whatever its religious confession, could never be achieved through Tolstoy's renunciatory strategy, which was hostile to grace and went against the grain of the multiplicity natural to the world.
In both cases what was once perceived as an ascetical and renunciatory paradigm was turned into an instrument of political action and social activism.
The message seems clear here: he was able to go ahead with the renunciatory "Tempest" theme while leaving the other novel unfinished, only to return to grapple with it later, believing that he might never finish it and proving to be right.
Such a radical disconnect between the contemporary chronicler and her former self is a common trait in the renunciatory memoir of the radical-turned-neoconservative, but this does not describe Jay.
As the opera progresses, passages of genuine beauty grow out of the delightful polka-based score, and as the plot untangles we are left with a Marschallin-like renunciatory blessing on the two young lovers.
What's "close at hand" for today's younger artists is not the example of a few cynical predecessors, nor a simple and timeworn kitsch sensibility, but the legacy of a corrupted aesthetic: an aesthetic that imagines the separation of form and content is not a renunciatory path to a greater understanding of the processes of art (as it was for Picasso, Mondrian, Pollock, Gertrude Stein) but instead a matter of moral expedience.
Unlike Yeats or Robinson, he did not take the blood-sacrifice extolled in sovereignty drama to represent an elite tradition at odds with the baser aspects of middle class familialism but a grass roots practice consistent with the renunciatory ideals of that familialism and with its distribution of gender roles and authority.
While she mourns what she views as the disintegration of high art that has accompanied the decline of Eliot, she agrees with Rahv that palefaces had inevitably to lose out to redskins in America -- "it may simply be |she wrote~ that it is in the renunciatory grain of America to resist the hierarchical and the traditional" ("Eliot at 101" 154).