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In what follows I elaborate on the approach I have chosen, which seems to me the best suited for shedding light on the Hindu notion of renunciant separation from the commonly accepted way of human life.
Alms-based economies fronted by the monastic community made sense when, as with India in the times of earliest Buddhism, there was agricultural surplus facilitating support of a renunciant community and the continuing symbiosis in Southern Buddhism between lay and monastic communities whereby monks give teachings to the laity and the laity give economic support to monks (Ling 133-135).
During this period, should the renunciant have any need to travel to the United States, he or she can request that the consular officer return the US passport to him/her but only for the specific travel.
The most significant of these spirits were an elderly monk, known as Loak Ta (literally grandfather) and the spirit of an elderly renunciant woman, Yeay Lach (literally grandmother Lach).
(49.) Complicating this invocation of the female renunciant is the fact that Manimekalai renounced sexual relationships and performance of music and dance to become a nun.
At the end of his autobiography, Singh is in conflict between re-entering the world, or becoming a sannyasi, a "renunciant" who abandons worldliness, an either/or that is a final apotheosis of Naipaul's Trinidad novels, either mimicking the ways of his Aryan ancestors and thereby reintegrating himself in a cultural tradition that will provide order as well as redemption from the "shipwrecks" of his life or turning to participate in the world again.
7:26, 29, 31]) into the hope that celibacy on earth would reap for the renunciant a partnership with Jesus after death.
In the Hindu (2) renunciant traditions, ascetic practices (tapasya) are presented as requisite for perceiving one's true nature as Atman, or individual soul or Self, as well as for facilitating knowledge and realization of the Absolute.
My recent experience took on a more significant role, not only as meditator, but also as a renunciant. Despite the short time, the effect was profound, allowing my mind to work at a level that would otherwise be difficult to achieve without the intensity of a monastic day, which starts with the waking bell at five in the morning and concludes with the sleeping bell at 10pm.
Though a renunciant in his personal life, he promoted the interests of the national bourgeoisie.
in strong contrast to the wise emperor's renunciant and impassive attitude towards them" (2:137).
One of the BJP's most prominent spokespersons is Uma Bharati, a female renunciant. In 1992, at the height of the conflict over the Babri mosque she recalled the ancient battle in the Ramayana between Rama and Ravana and put the struggle in religious terms.
Hinduism views life as proceeding through four stages (ashramas): student/learner, householder/producer, retiree/forest dweller and sannyasin or renunciant. Roughly speaking, the first two stages are worldly and active, and the last two stages are otherworldly and (externally) inactive.