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During this period, should the renunciant have any need to travel to the United States, he or she can request that the consular officer return the US passport to him/her but only for the specific travel.
The most significant of these spirits were an elderly monk, known as Loak Ta (literally grandfather) and the spirit of an elderly renunciant woman, Yeay Lach (literally grandmother Lach).
7:26, 29, 31]) into the hope that celibacy on earth would reap for the renunciant a partnership with Jesus after death.
Since renunciant traditions have been a primarily male undertaking, the very existence of male ascetics has been especially challenging to materialistic societies.
As we will see, nuns' Kinnauri identity is growing weaker as renunciant identity is growing stronger.
My recent experience took on a more significant role, not only as meditator, but also as a renunciant.
Though a renunciant in his personal life, he promoted the interests of the national bourgeoisie.
in strong contrast to the wise emperor's renunciant and impassive attitude towards them" (2:137).
One of the BJP's most prominent spokespersons is Uma Bharati, a female renunciant.
Hinduism views life as proceeding through four stages (ashramas): student/learner, householder/producer, retiree/forest dweller and sannyasin or renunciant.
Higher-caste, more orthodox Brahmans, as indicated by Parry, will try to circumvent this occurrence, by insisting on the acceptance only of non-dangerous daksina instead of dangerous dan, and by the observance of as ascetic and renunciant a lifestyle as possible within the householder's state.
Such a message would have been especially meaningful at a time when Vedic Brahmin ritualists were vying with renunciant and heterodox religious orders for bureaucratic and administrative positions within the early Indian monarchies" (p.
The motivations and aspirations of mae chis--Thai Buddhist women who choose to adopt renunciant dress and lifestyle, yet who retain limited vows and unofficial standing within the Sangha--subvert the supposedly universal appeal and efficacy of the bhikkhuni role and bhikkhuni movement.
Dhammamata are thus counterparts to bhikkuni and alternatives to conventional renunciant female practitioners in Thailand.
Ashram as a time of transformation encompasses the four seasons of dharma (socio-religious duty) in the course of a lifetime: brahmacari, the "celibate student"; grihastha, the married householder; vanaprastha, the forest-dwelling retired couple; and samnyasi, the renunciant who has effectively died before death.