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Synonyms for renovate

Synonyms for renovate

Synonyms for renovate

restore to a previous or better condition


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make brighter and prettier

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His argument has become familiar: borrowing extensively from the eschatological marriage imagery of the New Testament, the romantic writers undertook a massive effort to recast those tropes to describe--quoting Abrams who in turn quotes Wordsworth--"the renovative marriage between mind and nature whose annunciation will arouse 'the sensual from their sleep/Of death" This marriage of mind and nature was to issue in nothing less than the secular "emergence of a new earth which will constitute a restored paradise" (29).
The overall purpose of the book may unduly lead the interpretation of the individual text: it is difficult to share Walker's opinion that "The Soot Season" contrasts "the stable continuities and spontaneous renovative energies of the natural world .
But it's upstairs that the major renovative work has been done.
The trust the speaker says he has invested in nature's renovative powers through the remembrance of "these beauteous forms" is soon dialogized by doubt, making it double-voiced, that is, expressive of both trust and doubt: "Nor less, I trust, / To them I may have owed another gift, / Of aspect more sublime.
The extent to which theatre in isolation is able to reintegrate audiences into society with new identities is debatable; however, it clearly gestures towards the transformative or the renovative, if only, at times, conservatively vis-a-vis catharsis or comedic consolidation.
Both are exhaustive, renovative and speculative, well-read in the classics themselves and in their modern responses and interpretations.
The position of the slave, however poorly documented, is a crucial site for renovative knowledge.
Their new prospectus is available and covers a multitude of subjects including garden design, renovative pruning, caring for fruit trees, rose pruning, and creating rock gardens and alpine sinks.