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Synonyms for renovate

Synonyms for renovate

Synonyms for renovate

restore to a previous or better condition


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make brighter and prettier

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Renovative reforms or ideas thus take on different forms or emphases, McCaughan argues, in the context of Cuba's state-centered socialism and the neoliberal regimes that characterize most of the rest of Latin America:
I strongly recommend McColley's book not only for its numerous fresh and delightful insights into the details of Milton's poetry and the visual arts, but even more for its renovative response to today's too frequently suspicious and accusatory discourse.
Due to the limited research level, Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises are mainly engaged in the production of the off-patent drugs and the independent renovative pharmaceuticals only account for a small part.
This renovative conception calls for the adjustment of both language and methods in order to connect with the people; it appeals to the best and fullest utilization of the mass media and it attempts to build bridges to society and to other forces as the basis for carrying out a broad policy of alliances that would assure the advance toward government.
Ultra Shield develops, manufactures and distributes 35 environmentally preferred, specialty chemical and biological formulations in the categories of automotive care and appearance, industrial, institutional and commercial cleaning/degreasing, sanitizing, graffiti removing, coating and renovative and BTEX/Hydrocarbon remediation and bioremediation products for agriculture growth enhancement, water, sewage, septic and holding tank treatments, animal waste odor control/degradation and other environmentally safe products.