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Renovation of the Art and music school in Oleksandrivka, Donetsk region;
Case 3: a 21-year-old man who also worked on the renovation project had fever, chills, nausea, headache, and malaise during the week after onset of the index patient's symptoms; his symptoms gradually resolved over 2 weeks.
Having talked to a few of our contractors, they were telling me they've been quite busy in the last few months and they've been most busy in renovations," he says.
This planned renovation project, the dickens of a controversy aside, looks like it admirably captures and reflects Eucharist Without Wails.
He was a key player in the protracted battle over the Church of Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph, Ontario, which ended with the renovation project stillborn, thanks to the persistent and overwhelming opposition of parishioners.
Initial renovation goals included moving from a traditional medical model to a more residential setting by grouping "households" within "neighborhoods" throughout the community, mirroring the neighborhood concept featured in the assisted living complex, says Cinelli.
The three-phase renovation was begun in June 1992 and the first two stages were completed in May 1994.
Currently, major process methods of discarded tires in China include tire renovation, Production of renewable plastic and powder production
Under the plan, Parkview residents will see a full renovation of the building interiors including lobbies, mechanical systems and sprawling grounds.
Los Angeles County supervisors on Tuesday approved preliminary renovation work for the 80-year-old landmark Bob Hope Patriotic Hall downtown, but balked at approving the full $43 million project.
The building renovation process itself can be a great lime for students to learn about their school's history and re-discover the structure's mythologies.
Renovation spending last year reached an estimated $11.
The renovation needed to address two major issues: function of social space and aesthetics, within the budget we had allocated.
Though Webster's Thesaurus says renovation and restoration are basically interchangeable words, they are not so in many a parish that has cheerfully announced a project to "renovate our interior in keeping with Vatican II liturgical renewal" In current Catholic parlance, restoration means cleaning, painting, caulking, maybe improving the lighting and sound system, essentially bringing the old building back to the way it was meant to be.