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Synonyms for renovate

Synonyms for renovate

Synonyms for renovate

restore to a previous or better condition


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make brighter and prettier

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There will be more than 100 new exhibitors, all bringing the latest in homebuilding and renovating products and services.
Many Russian maritime officers have called for renovating and developing the Tartous checkpoint, which is considered the only garrisoned point for Russian warships in the Mediterranean.
The $694,900 project will include repairing or replacing the roof, renovating restrooms to make them accessible to handicapped people, and redoing office space.
And several states are proactive in encouraging districts to consider renovating their schools instead of building new ones.
Window installation, painting, and renovating the garage would have cost substantially more.
Accessibility is another keyword for renovating St Petersburg.
Declining occupancy made renovating before beginning new construction essential to revitalize the property and increase marketability
The couple returned to Sudbury in 1978 and eventually began renovating their own kitchen.
When they started renovating the housing units, 12 supervisors carefully taught them not only how to rip out walls, floors, and windows but how to replace them.
Boston, MA), Executive Architect SPF:architects (Los Angeles) and General Contractor Morley Construction Company (Santa Monica), had the challenging task of renovating the Getty Villa site into an educational center and museum dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria.
At the middle school, officials propose renovating classrooms, replacing student lockers and renovating a fitness room, among other changes.
The Westpac Renovation Report has found that Australian home owners are opting to improve their current home rather than moving, and spending an average of $47,984 renovating their property.
In addition, the LMDC board authorized $38 million in funding to revitalize the Fulton Street corridor, including plans for renovating and enhancing existing open spaces.
Janss' own development ventures involve renovating existing buildings that don't disrupt ``virgin soil,' he said.