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Synonyms for renovate

Synonyms for renovate

Synonyms for renovate

restore to a previous or better condition


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make brighter and prettier

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She said as a way forward, the ministry was exploring ways to support Judex Ventures to raise the P2.5 million required to construct a waste treatment plant.The MP for Francistown West, Mr Ignatius Moswaane had asked the minister to update Parliament on whether she was aware that the Francistown City Council abattoir was leased to a private entity who renovated it and was given a license to operate, but that the abattoir was immediately closed.
In many renovated schools, sewerage system problems also persist.
In October, Mister Quinto sold a fully renovated late 1940s bungalow in L.A.'s Los Feliz area for $1.3 million; he paid $865,000 for the 1,500-square-foot place in 2008.
12,900 new units are set to be constructed in Domietta and 200 will be renovated. In Kafr Al-Sheikh, 34,600 units are set to be constructed, with an additional 4,200 slum units renovated.
"Council vice-chairman and Hoora councillor Tariq Al Shaikh by-passed the council authority and had the homes renovated by the ministry despite knowing that there were others on the waiting list," he said.
The renovated apartment building includes four units that will provide affordable housing for single parents whose children have left home and who cannot afford typical market accommodation.
The City Council on Wednesday studied 14 options, including renovating City Hall, building a new structure, or a combination of new and renovated offices.
The author of this book finally tells how a great deal can be done in the immediate future for churches being built or renovated. New churches can be built properly.
"The truth is that in numerous cases, older school buildings can be renovated to 21st century standards with everything we'd expect in a new school," he says.
Although SHW Sports works predominantly in Texas, it has renovated and built facilities in Virginia, Maryland, and Michigan--the latter a hotbed for more indoor facilities such as natatoriums.
Once the families got their computers, Jacob taught many of them how to use their renovated machines.
After nearly 10 years of renovation projects and preservation work by local firms, Architectura PC, Architects has recently renovated more than 12,000 square feet of MCH's lobbies, public corridors, and social spaces, including a gift shop with a contemporary interpretation of architectural ornamentation found on the building's exterior facades.
And although it's summer, class is in session at the newly renovated Universal Institute Charter School, where children clad in plaid uniforms flood hallways decorated with images of prominent African Americans.
Few Russians in their right mind would show off newly acquired wealth in lavish renovated or new villas.
Four buildings--one a garage, giving the venue its name--totaling 13,000 square feet will be renovated over the next several years to become the new home for Jeanne Ruddy Dance.