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Synonyms for renovate

Synonyms for renovate

Synonyms for renovate

restore to a previous or better condition


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make brighter and prettier

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When contacted, Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat said he was unaware of any such arrangement to renovate the minister's house.
If a school has plans to renovate its seating, Baker offers the following advice:
solicits contractors--in some cases manages them to form a joint venture--then renovates the properties and either sells or leases them.
The pastor, Father Joseph Ruiz, enumerated the needs and said every effort would be made to restore where possible, renovate where necessary, and involve the people in the decisions to the maximum extent.
When management realized that fewer rooms would disrupt budget ratios long-term, however, they decided to renovate existing living quarters--without structural changes--and to build an addition for the needed common space.
In 1990 the Buckinghams introduced a do-it-yourself kitchen kit which provides all the design plans and assembled units to renovate a kitchen.
Since the main object of the project was to renovate apartments for low-income residents, to do it well, within budget, and reasonably on time, you could stop right there and call it a successful public housing project.
Dr Venson-Moitoi said Judex Ventures was required as per the contract to renovate and make the necessary modifications to the plant to meet necessary requirements.
With the ninth securitization, Renovate America has now issued more than USD1.9 billion worth of bonds -- all of which have helped to improve residential infrastructure while creating local jobs that cannot be automated or moved offshore.
To renovate the 320 Princess location and increase shelter/support services for at risk clients.
Contracting companies gave estimates between $35,000 and $40,000 to renovate his kitchen and bathrooms.
The city centre is on UNESCO'S World Heritage List, and although this part of the city is the most attractive to private investors, not enough developers are ready to pay to get through the complex regulations and unclear ownerships to renovate St Petersburg's cultural heritage
A campaign in Texas to renovate Austin's Palmer Auditorium is approaching its $50-million goal, thanks to a $20-million gift by Joe R.
To purchase and renovate a new building that will allow the expansion of larger location and expand pre-employment and lifeskills development services for Aboriginal clients in the north end.